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One of the paper-white narcissi in my garden was blown over and snapped its stem, so now I have it in the house in a small vase;

pattern 008

I don't suppose it'll last long as it has been in bloom for a good week outdoors already, but just for now it gives me pleasure.
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I've got a whole week off! This is just to use up my annual leave before the end of March, which is the cut-off point for our work 'year'. So a week to do things like spending an hour in the dentist's chair, this morning, and having my hair cut on Thursday. I didn't do the weekend shopping as usual, as I knew I'd be able to do it when the supermarket was quieter on Monday.

As it was a lovely morning yesterday I decided to go for a walk up Douglas Head before going to Tesco (very close by). And I remembered to take the camera so I have a few pictures

Under this cut... )
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Remember the picture of the really rough sea I posted a few days ago? And a couple of you said I should send it to the BBC for the weather pictures feature?

Well I just got an e-mail that says;

Many thanks for sending in this photo.

You now view it on the BBC Weather website:

And there it is, in a slide show of some really wonderful pictures!
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We continue to have warm, dry, sunny weather - it is a proper summer!

I was up early this morning as my sister and I had an appointment at Castle Rushen at 10.00. We left in good time, and got there early - so we sat in the gardens and nattered for a while, before being part of the first group to explore Labyrinth. This was a theatrical event taking part in the castle - as a small group we were taken up and down the circular staircases around the ramparts, in and out of different rooms - but I will leave posting more details because I am hoping there might be a few official photos, as we weren't allowed to take pictures - and, to be honest, it would have been difficult and distracting!

However, as Jackie was going to Mum's, by lunchtime I was home and was able to sit in the garden to read, and eat lunch. Then a shopping trip to Tescos to stock the cupboards and the fridge, and to a local electrical suppliers to buy a new microwave as the old one now has no light and the turntable doesn't work... before retiring back to the garden with my book.

I got an urge to tidy the shed as it got a little cooler this evening - one of those jobs I've been going to do for ages!

But I also thought I would share a few pictures of the garden as I spent so much time there today...

Read more... )

Now to go and hang out some washing to dry overnight. What a pleasure to be almost sure that it won't rain, and that by mid morning tomorrow they should be dry!
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I haven't posted for a few days - here's a quick résumé of the week!

Hmm - shoulder still a bit painful if I forget and either try to reach around behind me, pick anything heavy up, or type much; so the next chapter of The Valinor Trail is mainly handwritten on bits of paper.

D-d and I have been deep in discussion about having a few days together in London in August - S2C would as soon not bother. So - I am meeting her in London after I've been to Coventry for the [ profile] writerconuk get-together on the 9th - 11th August - I'll go down by train and she'll fly over to meet me. Much trawling of hotel websites, which is part of the fun of the whole thing, and we have a good deal at a hotel in south Kensington, in the museum quarter, with a few nice extras thrown in, like free tickets to Kensington Palace, which neither of us have visited before.

Yesterday our new minister at church had her induction service - it was lovely - but I was too busy helping with the catering to take pictures. Also yesterday was The Parish Walk - which is not, as the name might suggest, a pleasant ramble around a country village - but a gruelling long-distance walk the route of which takes the participant to every parish church on the island - a total of 85+miles. Most people set themselves a personal goal of which church they will reach - only a few actually aim for the full distance.

Now whilst, as a non-Anglican church, we are not one of the parish churches on the route, it did affect our service as some of the congregation were walking, or supporting a family member - so my sister took part in the service, but couldn't stay for refreshments as she then had to get to Peel (the 32 mile mark) which is the point Slightly Goth Niece was hoping to reach. Which she did, in a time of 8 hours 56 minutes. (Mind you, the mother of three of the church children got there over an hour ahead of her, and one of the other mums made it to Jurby - the 45 mile mark!)

D-d? She took part in the long-boat races last week** - and helped run a feeding station with workmates for the Parish! Mind you she is organising a team for the Isle of Man Relay for Life so she is certainly not joining me in a sedentary lifestyle - good lass.

**Her team is not in that bit on YouTube - but it gives you the idea.

And here are a couple of pictures, just because I have to cross a wee bridge over this little river and waterfall to get to the house of one of my patients - and it makes me smile.

riverlet in Patrick

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We are currently in the midst of the TT motorcycle festival which, for me, means I am making what feels like industrial quantities of carrot cake - not to mention chocolate cake, chocolate brownies, flapjack, gingerbread... We sell filled baps, hot pasty, and lots and lots of home-made cakes at church to the spectators, as our church grounds are an excellent spot to watch the racing.

So this was yesterday's baking in my house -

carrot cake and chocolate cake

That was the third 18 piece carrot cake I've made, and I will make at least one more. The chocolate cakes behind, together, come to the same size but somehow, on that angle, they look a lot smaller. I know now that these are 'sheet cakes' - thank you [ profile] bojojoti - in this case dark chocolate with chocolate frosting and fudge chunks.

I've also done 3 trays of chocolate brownie, 2 trays of oat flapjack, and one of gingerbread the same size as the carrot cake. And D-d has also been turning out her specialities - cherry frangipan, fruit flapjack, rocky road and tiffin. I reckon, just between the two of us, our personal cake sales will raise about £170 - and our input is about 10% of the whole!

For something completely different, there are a few pictures I took a week or more ago, just of the sea, and a stairway to nowhere... Read more... )
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Music first - I really enjoyed Eurovision, one of the best in years. I felt sorry for the Irish lad, I thought his song was rather good - and he did have some interesting drummers/dancers... I liked the winner, didn't really 'get' Azerbaijan, who came second, but having spoken to both D-d and a couple of teenagers at church, who all rather liked it, it clearly had something going for it! I liked the young doctor from Malta and the lad in the hat from Hungary.

Iceland was represented by one of the Rohirrim;

And Éowyn represented Norway.

They both did better than Bonnie Tyler - but then they both had much better songs, to be honest.

D-d had a Eurovision party as usual and, as usual, they dressed as some of the competitors. She was The Romanian guy I have so got to see the pictures!

Anyway - to the landscapes - I drove up the Sulby valley on Friday and stopped to take some pictures. I had hoped to take a picture of the bluebells, which usually carpet one area. This is what it usually looks like, I took this a few years ago -

bluebells at Tholt y Will 2 photo BluebellsatTholtyWill2a.jpg

But there was no sign of them. Either they are very, very, late, or the bulbs have not survived this hard winter.

It is still rather bleak up there - the hard winter has left its mark, but some of the usual residents look well...Read more... )

Actually, going back to Eurovision - there were a lot of Thranduilesque eyebrows this year - Lee Pace seems to have started a fashion trend!
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Saturday was the first day it was warm enough to walk Mum's doglet on the Ayres without a coat.

Yesterday was a good day to hang out washing - except that my clothes pole had broken over the winter... D-d came for dinner and we had roast duck, courtesy of my mum, and I made rhubarb fool. This reminded me that there was a problem with my hand mixer - the clash of metal on metal, blade hitting blade, is good in a fight scene - but not so good when the mixer makes it!

Today was a public holiday and so S2C and I set off and achieved the following;
  • broken garden chair and garden umbrella to the Amenity site - along with a few other bits of rubbish.
  • new clothes pole from B&Q.
  • new phone for Mum from Currys
  • new Blue-ray player for us ditto.
  • new mixer from local electronics shop
  • new sound bar thing for TV ditto (guess which one of us wanted that...)

  • Also today I changed our bed and washed the bedding, and cleaned the window frames in the bedroom.

    It definitely all sounds like spring!

    The weather has been so much nicer this week too - back to the nice clear weather we had in March - but warmer.

    I've taken a few pictures... )
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    Friday was our 27th wedding anniversary - how time flies when you are having fun.

    As S2C was off work we went out for a meal to his favourite local Indian restaurant - I had Mannoor Kozhi Masala - which is a South Indian thick chicken curry with cashews. There is a picture of it under here... )

    After that embarrassingly empty fridge on Saturday morning, I went to Tescos - and we finally have blossom on the trees and new leaves beginning to unfurl. here is a picture taken in the supermarket carpark... )

    For our wedding anniversary D-d bought us a milk jug to match our teapot, and the cups, saucers, plates etc. that we treated ourselves to on our Silver Wedding - as both she and her dad agreed that if you have a nice tea-pot you really need the matching milk jug.

    So this afternoon I made us all a proper Sunday Tea - with sandwiches, fruit loaf, freshly baked scones and a Victoria sandwich. There's a picture under this cut... )

    At Sunday School we have been considering what an imperfect family Abraham's was - and how God loved them anyway; today we were looking at the story of Jacob's Ladder. Which is something that really does lend itself to a re-creation with gingerbread men.... )

    As I stood in Sunday School looking out the window something caught my eye - the primroses are in bloom, and some of them are growing in a rather odd place Look.... )
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    Firstly - the back; it is much better - just the odd twinge on standing from sitting and if I am not careful bending or twisting.

    Secondly - the fridge magnets;
    I was asked for some close-ups and I have put them below this cut... )

    And a final picture, taken this morning to amuse you, of the contents of the fridge...

    A bit Mother Hubbard....

    Yep - two plain yoghurts, two corner yoghurts, a small bowl of cooked rice, a small amount of cheese, a jar of goose-fat and a Co-op ready cooked mini beef-joint, which is my emergency food for putting with veg from the freezer, or making hot beef sandwiches... other than that it is really a bit like Mother Hubbard's cupboard!

    You have to bear in mind that I was going to go shopping after work on Thursday, but didn't because of my back, and didn't do any shopping yesterday as S2C and I were going out for a meal - I really am going to go to Tescos in a few minutes, honestly.
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