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posted by [personal profile] curiouswombat at 07:46pm on 21/04/2014 under ,
Easter Sunday is a day of joy! I started the day with coffee in bed, because I have a good husband - then I got up, put a large chicken ready to go in the oven so that said husband could put it on to cook whilst I was out, and gathered up all my bits for Sunday School.

We have been considering 'Christ the superhero' and had a prayer, and colouring, related to that theme, and then we thought of small kindnesses and small braveries... as epitomised by Saint Veronica who was brave enough to step out of a jeering crowd to carry out her small act of kindness in mopping blood and sweat from Jesus' face. This is a level of bravery and kindness an eight or nine year old can cope with in real life.

Then we went on to think about the way in which we incorporate the pagan symbols of new life into our celebration of the resurrection. And to put that theme together with the small kindnesses by making something for ourselves and something to go and give to someone else at the end of the service.

I have put pictures of the, very colourful, outcome of this

On Saturday I baked, for pleasure, as well as making a Very Chocolate Trifle for our pudding on Sunday. And one of the things I baked was a batch of vanilla biscuits/cookies cut into rabbits, butterflies, chicks and eggs - the new life symbols. Then I made some brightly coloured royal icing, and took the biscuits, icing, lots of different sprinkles, and some odd bits of fondant icing left from an earlier project - and set the small people loose...

easter biscuits 001

easter biscuits 002

easter biscuits 003

easter biscuits 004

The bottom one was by our 4 year old - who realised, quickly, that the best tool to spread icing is a clean finger - and did a very good job!

Eventually we had about 30 biscuits and, at the end of the service, various adults in the congregation were the happy(?) recipients of them as a small kindness. There were a couple of 'small braveries' too, as some were given to people the children didn't know very well.

The chicken dinner, followed by the Very Chocolate Trifle (a layer of chocolate chip muffins soaked with a little chocolate Bailey's, a layer of cherries, a layer of vanilla custard and a layer of chocolate custard, topped with whipped cream and served in small bowls) was good.

We visited Mum in the afternoon to take her her Easter Egg and a couple of large fairy cakes from Saturday's baking, and then D-d had another complete dinner before going home as it was so good!

I have a Lindt Egg, and a Thornton's one. I have eaten just a few of the chocolates D-d chose to go with the Thornton's one.

Today has been a beautiful day, the temperature actually reached 20C. And I have finally (don't laugh) tried taking pictures with my phone and downloading them onto the computer - I was finally told by D-d that I still needed a cable to do this - they didn't actually 'do it wirelessly if only I knew how' :) I know, I can be very tech unsavvy sometimes!

To celebrate this moment of enlightenment I've taken a few pictures in the yard, using the phone, which are




The last one is the first spot of colour in my new couple of wall baskets.
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