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I don't seem to have written much about life in general here for a little while.

It has been proceeding. I wrote about my day on Wednesday in [ profile] monthlydiaryday here - it was a fairly ordinary day.

I have written about 6,000 words for my Back to Middle Earth Month story - but I can't post it here yet (or any of the other places I post stories), as it hasn't been revealed on the community yet. It has slowed down the next chapter of The Valinor Trail, but that is under way now, and the B2ME story is a Returnverse tale as well.

Yesterday D-d and I went up to Mum's and took her for lunch for the first time in a couple of months, as her arthritis and gout have been playing up so badly she hasn't felt like coming out. Then we took her for an optician's appointment. Fortunately the disabled parking space outside the opticians was available, and she had her rollator, so this went fairly smoothly.

The optician is, however, very worried about the blind spot that has developed in the middle of Mum's right eye (which was why she made the appointment), so she is asking Mum's GP to refer her to the ophthalmologist. It is one of the vagaries of our local services that the consultant ophthalmologist will only take referrals from doctors, not opticians.

My sister told me today that Slightly-goth niece has just been told she is to be made redundant later this year, a month or so before her wedding.

Brits who have been hearing so much stuff on the news about whether Big Banks will stay, or not stay, in Scotland if it becomes independent, will be somewhat amused, or possibly bemused, by the fact that this is because 'Barclays Wealth and Investment Management' are transferring her entire department's work to Glasgow.

Also - I've just been at our fortnightly on-line meeting to organise WriterConUK's event this year.

And people, friends of mine, if you didn't already know that this year's event will be in Coventry in September - then you do now - just GO HERE and sign up!

You get to see me! And these wonderful people - we are a really friendly bunch - why not just go for it? :)
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I've posted my Back to Middle Earth Month story to the community ready to be 'unveiled' on March 12th. I think I followed all the instructions...

I think I need a glass of wine after that - posting was almost as difficult as writing it, making sure I followed all the instructions plus making sure the recipe format was OK, and the photo I added... (My prompt was The turning of the year brings feasts and holidays. It's time to enjoy the bounty that was saved for the winter. Create a story or a work of art featuring a Winter seasonal food. Bonus for including a recipe. - but how I answered it will only be made public in another 6 days time!)

And - a small sign of spring, at last!

goats 002
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I am procrastinating. I have a story to write for Back to Middle Earth Month, and it is all in my head - the characters, the story line, the beginning, the end. But actually getting all those pictures and scenes converted into words that sit nicely on the screen... I am procrastinating.

And I procrastinate, in part, by reading things I know and love, or things that have been recommended, but sometimes by rooting around in The Pit of Voles, reading the summaries.

There are some summaries that appeal - and about 1/2 of these turn out to be stories that I actually enjoy - like finding a truffle. But I can spend hours reading summaries and deciding not to read the stories - see, procrastinating.

Now and again there are summaries that simply make me smile.

And so, after spending much of two days off work at the beginning of the week procrastinating in that fashion, there are three or four summaries that I would really like to share. If you are interested Read more... )

I'm pretty sure that none of those were written by anyone I know. If so, I'm sorry for smiling - but perhaps you might like to look at that summary again.

There was also a story with an interesting premise, of which I read a few chapters, but I gave up because I got the giggles every time the writer called the ruling house of Rohan 'The House of Erol'...

As for the B2ME story - well there are now 308 words written... But there are about another 3 weeks to go, and I always find the first few paragraphs to be the worst, so it actually will be finished in time, I reckon!
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Firstly here is the list of characters that I wrote for myself before we started -
1. Arwen
2.Alexia Tarabotti
3. Spike
4. Giles
5. Willow
6. Thorin
7. Lessa
8. Legolas
9. Eomer
10. Dawn
13.Lord Akeldama
14 Elladan&Elrohir
15. Anya

1,6,8,9,11,12 &14 are from Tolkien, 2 & 13 are from the Parasol Protectorate books, 3,4,5,10 & 15 are from the Buffyverse, and 7 is from Anne McCffrey's Dragonriders of Pern books.

The answers to everyone's questions are here

below the cut )

I had so much fun doing these - thank you all for the questions. Actually it was so much fun I might do it again sometime.

OK - S2C pointed out to me about 8.30pm that the cut isn't opening - this is one of those LJ vagaries I fear as the coding is right. However it seems to be opening OK now, at 11.45pm. I've seen this on other journals a couple of times, too. However, if it isn't working for you, click on the title of the post to see it.
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I saw this at [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni's journal and it produced some fascinating, and fun, answers. So this is the meme;

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.

So, flist? I've written a list of characters from 3 or 4 different fandoms. Want to ask questions about these characters you can't yet identify? Pleeease?

I'll do the answers tomorrow so that no answer will give anyone else a clue as to who is who, just yet.

ETA Thank you - I have a lot of fun questions to consider now - good thing I have the afternoon off work! I think the list is now closed. Answers should be forthcoming later.
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I've not been posting, or even commenting, much. Apart from being distracted by the Paralympics, my left arm has been sore; and I find the angle I need to hold it on to type makes it worse. But I really can't stop myself - apart from being here, I have a couple of short stories demanding to be written and a long one that keeps poking me, too.

The children were back in church today and we spent our time making salt-dough harvest wreaths, and salt-dough fish to celebrate the harvest of the sea. I was feeling a bit jaded before I went to church but it was so good to see them all, and have fun with them, that I felt much more smiley when I came home.

I had an urge to make scones, and so S2C and I sat to a pot of tea and some warm cherry and ginger scones about 3.45 for afternoon tea - very civilised.

And right now I have 2 ovens full of salt-dough drying out at low temperature to be painted next Sunday. It's keeping the house warm on what is a cool autumn day.

There are three or four pics under the cut - not related to the above at all!

click for the pics )

Now a question for Tolkienista friends - I read a story not that long ago and can't remember where.

Does this sound familiar to anyone; Éomer/Lothiriel in which Lothiriel is actually Imrahil's illegitimate daughter, of whom he knows nothing, as she has been brought up by her healer mother in Rohan. She follows the Rohirrim to war in her role as a healer. When he realises who she is, Imrahil is more than happy to acknowledge her, but at least one of his sons is certainly not, and is convinced that she is a fraud.

I really ought to be more organised about bookmarking stories!
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This is a set of drabbles written for Tolkien Weekly.

They are all cautionary tales told to little hobbits during the latter half of the sixteen century by Shire reckoning. (This would be the mid to late second century of the Fourth Age by the reckoning of the men of Gondor.) Or, in other words, almost 200 years after the events in Lord of the Rings. The Shire has had little contact with the outside world for some time. There is a tiny grain of Tolkien-truth in the pearl that is each of them - except one! I'll leave you to guess which one...

Cautionary Tales-1

click for the cautionary tales )
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I can't resist - I'll have to join in. The WIP meme - you know the thing, post a taster of your current Work In Progress...

Under the cut there are a few paragraphs of Immigrants )

It's unbeta'd - so the punctuation may leave a little to be desired!
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I have two or three short stories that I have written alongside writing the BigBang fic - or that won't really make sense when I post it. This is the first of them - it is set in Eryn Ithil about 70 years after the end of the Ring War - 20 or so years after the events of 'The Right Kind of Shield'.

Please point out any errors - even S2C is not infallible - if he was he'd be the pope.

Harvest Moon
Word count; 2,600
Rating; 15
Beta; Speaker-to-Customers

Summary - Haldirin is now a young adult - something happens to make Tindómë consider increasing the size of the family...

Warnings - mention of death from old age, and conception!

Harvest Moon )

In other news - D-d got to Madrid, and got to the gate for the outgoing flight in time - so is currently on her way to Buenos Aires about 36 hours later than expected, but on her way.
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It seems to have been a very busy week - it's passed quickly, anyway. D-d arrived home for her two weeks Easter break on Tuesday; we celebrated with cake - with candles - as there were also birthday cards and presents for her. (Her birthday was the week before.) There is a picture of her unbirthday cake under the cut.

Sometime during the week I remembered that I had pictures of the art work in the hospital that I had taken after someone here asked about it, when I posted the pictures of the entrance atrium. So I finally got around to resizing and uploading them - therefore there are also pictures of 'A Manx Day Out' by Eilish Wilson under the cut.

I'd better just put the cut, really... )
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