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To Whom It May Concern re; Weather.

Severe Storm Force 11 once every 2 or 3 years can be quite exciting. But for the 3rd...4th...5th time in one winter? It is getting boring now.

Yes - we have force 11 again, gusts of 80mph+, things blowing around in the garden, in the street, and so on. Boat and flights cancelled, trees down, roads flooded...

Hard to remember that beautiful day on Monday, now.
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I am off work today - using up some annual leave days before the end of March. And it has been a beautiful day. I had to pop into town, and took a couple of pictures simply to contrast with all the recent ones.

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Totally unrelated, I have been doing a spot of tidying up over the past couple of weeks, and pointed out to D-d that, sitting upstairs, there was a ball of very thick, plush, wool and a pair of enormous needles, with a pattern, that had been a gift to her from my sister a couple of years ago.

The reply was "Yeah... but they're to knit another scarf! I don't need another scarf - I've got at least five already."

"Can I have them, then?" I asked.

"Please! Do what you want with them," she said.

I had no need for a scarf either - but there was just enough wool to make a very cuddly cushion cover...

Look! )
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I have been remiss about posting. There have been odd moments when I've thought 'I should post about that', but winter ennui set in.

We are the verb 'to rain'.

Yesterday (or last week, or last month....) it rained.

Today it is raining.

Tomorrow (and the day after, and next week...) it will rain.

It is hard to tell where the sea ends and the land begins, sometimes;

(Note - not my picture.)

But I have continued the 'cook something new each month' thing - in fact, having done February yesterday, I might even manage two this month.

This month's recipe was a one pot comfort food recipe that would be Manolo-friendly, I think [ profile] pondhopper...

Chorizo, Sweet Potato & Cheese Bake... with added black pudding! )
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I took this picture up near Mum's, in the north of the island, yesterday, about 4pm.

It was the first fairly still evening for about a week.

Sunset, Burma Rd. January 2014.

Today we have only 30mph winds, gusting to 50, and the sea has stayed on the right side of the sea walls. Joy of joys, for tomorrow The Isle of Man Met Office has issued a red warning with more flooding predicted around mid afternoon because of another high tide (2.56pm), a significant storm surge and severe gale force winds with gusts of up to 65 miles per hour.

What fun...
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I know I have a couple of things on the Snowflake list to catch up on - I will probably catch up tomorrow.

But a few people have asked how we are getting on here on our wee rock in the Irish Sea with the constant storms of the past couple of months. We don't often get a mention on the UK weather forecast but UK friends have noticed that those very big arrows hitting North Wales, Northern Ireland, and the West Coast of Scotland are all going right through us, too.

Apart from the wind damage, like Mum's shed on Boxing Day, the high winds and high tide yesterday caused a good deal of flooding.

The winds were very strong - I posted this picture yesterday at [ profile] photo_scavenger, and mentioned that it's a bit hazy because, firstly, there was a lot of salt spray in the air and, secondly, I had to use the zoom - I had intended getting closer to the sea, but the wind was in danger of blowing me off my feet!

turn of the tide scavenger

I will put some pictures taken over the past couple of days, some mine, some not, under the cut, to illustrate the effect of that sort of wind accompanying a very high tide, or not... Read more... )
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We are just coming to the end of a very major storm.

The wind picked up last night so that by about 10pm we had steady winds of over 45mph, with gusts up to 80+mph. And it stayed like that until mid afternoon today.

I had a phone call from my mother (who lives about 20 miles away at the northern tip of the island) about 9.30pm last night to say the roof had blown off her garden shed. This is the shed in which she keeps her mobility scooter.

Fortunately a neighbour had spotted it, rung her bell, and then gone to get a tarpaulin and a rope to cover the scooter and tie it down. But I really didn't sleep very well with the combination of the noise of the wind here and the worry about how she was coping.

I rang her as soon as it got light - the storm still raging - and she said the shed had almost completely disappeared, she had hardly slept, she felt all sick and 'churny' inside. I have to say the idea of driving up, with trees down all over the place, was a bit scary, and there was no point is asking S2C to come with me as he is still not allowed to lift anything - but then came word that my brother-in-law and his mate were on their way there, I didn't need to go. I have to admit to being relieved.

They found as much of the shed as they could, and tied it together and to something solid, to stop it blowing away and causing further damage. Then they rounded up as many of the contents as they could, like the lawn mower, and the charger for the scooter, sorted out the electric supply so there was no longer any danger - and volunteered to put a new shed up as soon as possible, before heading off to the local pub for lunch, as if, Mum said, it had been a welcome jaunt out for the two of them.

Fortunately the wind is now down to a more manageable 30mph, and we have survived unscathed. In fact, amazingly, we didn't even lose the wreath off the front door which I had forgotten to take in as the storm broke!

Also, of course, there have been no ships or flights in or out of the island all day - good job we had no intention of going anywhere - but difficult for those who had been home for Christmas and should have been heading back to other parts for work...
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We have been caught up in a winter storm today. Winds gusting to 80 mph last night could be heard whenever I woke up, and they continued all morning, accompanied, at one point by hail.

But the main thing has been the wind and the sea.

I took this picture whilst I was over in Peel at lunch time;

sea at Peel force 9 or 10

Those are five storey high houses disappearing behind the waves there...
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Traditionally the church children have a special service in July to celebrate the end of term as we do not have children's lessons over the summer, so many of them are off-island, and it gives the teachers a chance to charge our own batteries.

This service was on Sunday - and our theme was sheep! We looked at a number of the times sheep occur in the Bible a few weeks ago - and then we made sheep! Lots of sheep. And rehearsed a story, and made more sheep...

I took some pictures -

Read more... )

In other news - it is definitely summer today - S2C has taken his jumper off. And even his sweatshirt for an hour or two!

Actually the temperature was about 25C today - and I met one of my patients who has a small son, about 18 months old. She said he was a bit fretful in the heat - but then it occurred to us that it has never been as warm as this at any time in his life - no wonder he was making strange!
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Saturday was the first day it was warm enough to walk Mum's doglet on the Ayres without a coat.

Yesterday was a good day to hang out washing - except that my clothes pole had broken over the winter... D-d came for dinner and we had roast duck, courtesy of my mum, and I made rhubarb fool. This reminded me that there was a problem with my hand mixer - the clash of metal on metal, blade hitting blade, is good in a fight scene - but not so good when the mixer makes it!

Today was a public holiday and so S2C and I set off and achieved the following;
  • broken garden chair and garden umbrella to the Amenity site - along with a few other bits of rubbish.
  • new clothes pole from B&Q.
  • new phone for Mum from Currys
  • new Blue-ray player for us ditto.
  • new mixer from local electronics shop
  • new sound bar thing for TV ditto (guess which one of us wanted that...)

  • Also today I changed our bed and washed the bedding, and cleaned the window frames in the bedroom.

    It definitely all sounds like spring!

    The weather has been so much nicer this week too - back to the nice clear weather we had in March - but warmer.

    I've taken a few pictures... )
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    I hope you have all had a good Easter Weekend.

    Under the cut are a few pictures ranging, as my subject line says, from a rough sea to a chocolate trifle! Also a couple of pictures of my Easter Eggs...

    Click here for the pics... )
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