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Just a reminder, for the British friends who asked for one, that the Songs of Praise programme that I took part in is broadcast at 5.15pm this evening on BBC 1.

Any glimpse of me is likely to be fleeting - I am the plumpest of three middle aged ladies standing together wearing pink jumpers(!) - but as it is the first Sunday of Advent it has lovely hymns/carols.

ETA - yay! I could actually be seen!
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I spent all yesterday evening doing something completely new to me - I took part in the recording of a major BBC TV programme.

UK friends will realise, from the heading, which one. Songs of Praise is exactly what it's name would imply - a 40 minute long, weekly, programme focussing mainly on Christian song, shown on BBC1 on Sunday evenings for the past 52 years. It is recorded in churches, and sometimes other places, around the British Isles. And this week they were recording two episodes in our cathedral.

(And yes - we may only be a small island, but we have our own Anglican bishop and, therefore, a cathedral. It is small, not as big as some UK parish churches, and very simple, but it is a cathedral!)

Many of the congregation gathered from all corners of the island were gathered as 'choir' and had rehearsed for two or three hours earlier in the week - they filled all the middle of the cathedral. Those of us with 'congregation' tickets for just one of the two recordings were sat at the sides and in the transept (the 'short arm' of the cross shape.)

I was in the south transept, mainly behind one of the camera booms and near the machine that produces water vapour throughout - so I don't expect to figure largely when the programme is shown on December 1st, but it was fascinating.

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I mentioned last week that I was baking fruit loaves and gingerbread as we had the Mariners' Choir coming to church and we needed to lay on a supper.

I meant to post you the pictures either Sunday night or Monday - but Sunday evening I was just too tired - and I wasn't a lot better on Monday.

Last night I went out for a meal with a couple of women that I was at school with - we had a lovely evening with a nice meal and a good gossip. We have decided to do it more often. It would be difficult to do it less often, as we hadn't got together like this since we all got married, despite all living back on the island for the past few years!

Today it has rained, and rained, and rained. Except on the mountain road where it, apparently, snowed. So the mountain road to the north was closed, and the coast road north was flooded in places. Guess where I had to go to see a patient? Yep - up north. Still, it isn't often a Corsa travels far with a bow-wave...

Anyway, back to the Mariners' Choir. Under the cut is a picture of the choir, and another of the food...

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This evening there is an unmissable programme on TV, for me. The Brain Doctors. It is a documentary series about the work of the neurosurgery unit at the John Radcliffe (a very famous hospital in Oxford) and I find it fascinating. But I have to admit that last week's episode gave me the giggles! One of the neurosurgeons has almost exactly the same Christian name as I do - just that hers is Scots Gaelic, mine the Manx version - sounds almost the same, spelt differently. And her attitude to parenthood was so like mine that I e-mailed D-d and told her to watch it on the iPlayer.

The doctor's son is 10 - she commented that he had reminded her last week that some 'shop-talk' over dinner is probably not suitable with 'Mum! I'm only 10!' And that she tends to send him to school unless he is so ill he probably needs to be hospitalised... 'Doctors and nurses are not sympathetic parents - we hold little truck with minor ailments!' And her final comment, to prove this point, as her son sat eating his dinner was 'He looked as if he had broken a finger last week. So we've just strapped it to the next one for a month.'

Oh yes - it was like listening to me when D-d was that age! Except that she tended to break toes regularly - and after the second lot of X-rays we just gave up bothering to go to A&E.

Still, she seems to have turned out well enough - and I'm sure Mhairi Speirs' son will do just as well.

So - must go and make coffee, go to the loo, and get myself settled to watch. Good job S2C has gone to bed (work last night but not tonight) as he absolutely hates anything like this.


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