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The last two talks I attended at Loughborough were 'Everything you need to know about the real Bag End' and 'Elves, Goblins, and other 'Fairy' things in The Hobbit: Tolkien's Victorian and Edwardian Inspiration'.

Apparently JRRT's aunt lived in a farm that really was known as Bag End - surrounded by farms and fields some of which had rather familiar names - as did a few of the nearby families... how very likely that someone creating stories for their own children would put familiar things like this into them to add that extra layer of amusement. Dimitra Fimi's talk was also very good - with lots of beautiful pictures - but I can't really produce a précis!

The closing ceremony was much as these things always are - and then Gill, Una, Andria and I made our way to the bar as we didn't want to say our goodbyes just yet - and who did we see but Inzilbeth with a few minutes to spare! So finally we got to chat for a few minutes and I got my copy of her book signed!

Under the cut are a few last pictures (one of which explains my choice of icon...)click for the pics )

And finally... sitting in the bar at a Tolkien Convention I was reading the headlines for our local Manx news on my netbook. One headline was "Fellowship break world land speed record." I fell around laughing. I showed it to Gill. She fell around laughing.

Next morning I mentioned it to the two, male, delegates sitting next to us at breakfast. They looked puzzled, clearly wondering why I thought they might be interested in the local news from an island in the middle of the Irish Sea, and eventually asked polite questions about the story behind it.

I was surprised at their reaction. I actually tried again with a lady at the breakfast bar - she laughed.

I wonder if you, gentle reader, get the giggles or wonder what on earth I'm talking about?
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So - a week ago today Gill and I were up bright and early - well, early anyway... you can tell how dedicated we were by the fact that we were eating our breakfast well before 8a.m. on a Sunday!

cut for details - and a lot of pictures )

Tomorrow the last few pictures, and a few last conference thoughts!

ETA - for some reason S2C is only seeing the photos in his journal as if they are all portrait - he is missing the side of the landscape ones and insists it must be something I have done - can other people tell that about half of them are landscape, or do you keep wondering what I can be talking about as much of what I mention is missing?

ETA2 - No - it was his fault... they seem to be posted fine.
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So, now we are on Saturday - and I've just realised I am writing up an exact week behind. So where this Saturday I have been shopping for my mother, and with D-d, and helping do refreshments at church this evening for spectators at the Manx Grand Prix, the 'amateur version of the TT', last Saturday was spent very differently! And was more fun....

last Saturday... )
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On Friday morning Gill and I worked up an appetite for breakfast by walking the immensely long corridor to get to it at something like the crack of dawn. Then we drove over to the main part of campus so that we could take a lot of stuff into the workshop for a costume session later in the morning.

We were so careful to not be late doing this and managed to get to a long session by a lovely man called Bob Blackham at exactly 9.00am - but he was so enthusiastic he had started early - this was to be something of a pattern as so many of the speakers were very enthusiastic. This gentleman gave us a Photographic Tour of Tolkien's childhood, and then his time in Oxford, and finally his wartime experiences, all illustrated with contemporary pictures - it was fascinating.

The rest of the day under here, for pictures! )
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Or Return of the Ring, Tolkien 2012.

[ profile] gillo and I thought, back in May, that by August we would be quite ready for another adventure - and what an adventure it was!

I began to write a post covering the whole weekend, but realised it just wouldn't work - so here is a post just about the first day!

under here )

I think that is actually enough for one post! More soon.
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I'm on the train on my way to Lancaster, hence to Heysham and the boat home. D-d is to meet me from the boat this evening and take me the last two or three miles home - and my Great Tolkien Adventure will be over. I will write it up properly tonight... or maybe tomorrow.

Suffice it to say, just for now, that I had an excellent time and met some lovely people.

I am heading for home a little later than everyone else as I went to [ profile] gillo's on Monday and we wound down together.

I have lots of pictures to share, and a website or two to link to, and...

Actually, in reality, I have washing to do and will, doubtless, have to shop. I think it might take less than a couple of days before I am swallowed up by the flow of everyday life!
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I am having a fascinating time at Return of the Ring - the Tolkien Convention/Conference. Internet access at our hotel is a bit iffy - it was hit by lightning a few days before we arrived! But is here, and it is free....

Actually, Loughborough University was the base for Team GB on the run up to the Olympics - our hotel especially, and the staff tell us they were in 'lock-down' for the duration but it was very exciting. I must take photos of the fortifications!

I have photos of a few odds and ends already but will post them when I'm home I think - it is harder to resize etc. on the netbook.

I have met up with [ profile] inzilbeth_liz and I'm sure I saw [ profile] altariel today - but it was across a crowded lecture theatre so couldn't get to talk!

Anyone who gets the chance to see Charlie Ross doing his one man Lord of the Rings really should do so - he's in Edinburgh at the moment and flew down for the day to do it for us.

I had a wonderful tour by Powerpoint of Tolkien's childhood homes and schools, his life in Oxford and his time in WW1, considered the use of anachronism in The Hobbit, been involved in a costume workshop, helped a young gentleman stick sequins onto fabric to help make Smaug, heard a wonderful talk by Tom Shippey - and an almost equally fascinating one on law and The Hobbit - looking at Bilbo's contract with the dwarves in the light of contract law amongst other things!

There is a ceilidh tonight - but [ profile] gillo and I chickened out and have retired to our hotel bar with large glasses and our computers... geeks? Us?
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I'm going to The Return of the Ring aka Tolkien 2012!

I know it doesn't start until Thursday, and tomorrow is Wednesday, but I'm going to [ profile] gillo's tomorrow and we are going to the Big Do together. Better pack...

I'm taking my netbook, and I'm sure to be around, but I guess we are going to be busy.

I'm looking out for Inzilbeth-Liz and Altariel... anyone else coming?
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