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A few more pictures taken with my phone as I go through the working day.

I know some of my friends are heading into autumn now, and some will be further through spring than we are, whilst some of you are a bit behind. For the latter, think of these as a promise of things to come.

Cherry blossom...


And bluebells...


Now a picture of the bluebells in situ...


Guess where both the cherry tree and the 'bluebell wood' are?

At the edge of the carpark at our local hospital! You walk under the cherries and between the bluebells to get from the carpark to the hospital itself. And it always makes me slow down a little and take a couple of deep breaths.
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I seem to have been out almost every evening this week, or had someone here - and mostly it has been a week of being a very committeed Christian - and yes I did mean committeed!

But on Thursday D-d and I met up to do something purely for pleasure. (Poor S2C was at work that evening).

We went to the cinema within The Manx Museum to see the live broadcast from the British Museum of their Vikings Exhibition. Our island was a central part of the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles, and there are even a couple of pieces on loan from our museum to the BM for this exhibition.

The whole event was very interesting - and made even more so by the prominent position, in the crowd of reenactors at the end, of one of our local guys; noticeable by the three legs on his shield!

We completed our evening with an Indian take-away eaten at her flat; a good evening all round.

D-d and I are off, on Friday, to meet up with [ profile] dougalsservant on another part of the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles; Skye. And I can tell you that not only was it was probably a lot easier to plan the journey when the Vikings did it, but it was probably much faster to simply row, or sail, up the great highway of the Irish Sea than it is going to be for us using modern day transport!
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I've got a whole week off! This is just to use up my annual leave before the end of March, which is the cut-off point for our work 'year'. So a week to do things like spending an hour in the dentist's chair, this morning, and having my hair cut on Thursday. I didn't do the weekend shopping as usual, as I knew I'd be able to do it when the supermarket was quieter on Monday.

As it was a lovely morning yesterday I decided to go for a walk up Douglas Head before going to Tesco (very close by). And I remembered to take the camera so I have a few pictures

Under this cut... )
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A miscellany of pictures...

Last night S2C went to pour himself coffee only to find it had gone cold. The heating element had gone on the coffee maker. So, this afternoon I went out and bought a new one. Less convenient than the old one, which had a removable water reservoir and so was easily filled. But, of course, that was such a good idea that they don't make them like that any more...

But the new one is very pretty...
Look.... )

And now a picture I took during the week. This is of a boat in the boat repair yard in Ramsey...

I think they have their work cut out.... )

And, again totally unrelated, yesterday was Messy Church. Our theme was 'family' as it is so close to Mothering Sunday. I was doing the food related activity, and had children making portraits of family members using small shortbread biscuits, butter cream, and lots of coloured fondant!

S2C and D-d in biscuit... )

And a few pictures of the ones the children made, and their cards for their Mums;

Under this one... )

Bet you wish you had your portrait in shortbread and icing!
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There is a road sign, on the main coast road between Ramsey and Douglas, that says 'Beware of Goats'.

Many people wonder why it is there - but if you happen to be in the right place at the right time, you realise there is a very good reason for it.

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Another post in my very occasional series looking at the churches of the island. It was a nice afternoon on Tuesday, and my travels took me through St Marks.

St Mark's is a tiny village in the mid-south of the island. Although in the parish of Malew, the farms in this area are a long way from the parish church (of which, more, in a day or two), and so a 'chapel of ease' was built for them and consecrated in 1772.

Like most of the other country churches, it is stone built, white-washed, and very plain - if you remember some of the other posts it will look familiar;

St Marks Churches

More pictures, including a couple of the village schoolUnder this cut )

I actually have pictures of Malew church as well - they are interesting because whilst, in some ways Melew is quite similar to St Marks, and most of the other small churches, in some ways it is quite different.

Totally unrelated - I have spent so much time this week reviewing and developing 'pathways' that I told my manager I am doubtless well qualified to join The Ramblers Association...
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On Saturday my daughter and I went to a concert by a young lady called Ruth Keggin. Ruth is a friend of D-d, and they were actually at York uni at the same time.

She sings much of her repertoire in Manx - here is a track that she sang on Saturday. I wonder if any of you, who know the music of Capercaillie, agree with me that Ruth's voice is reminiscent of Karen Matheson?

What is the song about? You may well ask. This is it more or less in a nutshell;

Fin and Oshin are Irish heroes of the mythic variety. They go off hunting leaving Young Orry to care for their horses (I think) - but the daughters of the two heroes sweet talk him and then tie him up and set fire to his hair (whatever turns you on, I guess!).

Young Orry escapes, sets fire to their houses in revenge - but the heroes return at that stage and, when the daughters say Young Orry did it, they pull him in two with their horses.
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To Whom It May Concern re; Weather.

Severe Storm Force 11 once every 2 or 3 years can be quite exciting. But for the 3rd...4th...5th time in one winter? It is getting boring now.

Yes - we have force 11 again, gusts of 80mph+, things blowing around in the garden, in the street, and so on. Boat and flights cancelled, trees down, roads flooded...

Hard to remember that beautiful day on Monday, now.
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I am off work today - using up some annual leave days before the end of March. And it has been a beautiful day. I had to pop into town, and took a couple of pictures simply to contrast with all the recent ones.

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Totally unrelated, I have been doing a spot of tidying up over the past couple of weeks, and pointed out to D-d that, sitting upstairs, there was a ball of very thick, plush, wool and a pair of enormous needles, with a pattern, that had been a gift to her from my sister a couple of years ago.

The reply was "Yeah... but they're to knit another scarf! I don't need another scarf - I've got at least five already."

"Can I have them, then?" I asked.

"Please! Do what you want with them," she said.

I had no need for a scarf either - but there was just enough wool to make a very cuddly cushion cover...

Look! )
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Thank you very much to the anonymous person who gifted me some virtual flowers. My daughter, in particular, would be very grateful that they are both beautiful and virtual, as the real deal often makes her sneeze when she calls in.

Thank you too, to all the people who said such nice things on my last post - I'm so glad I overcame the embarrassment factor - even if it did make me blush!

And I thought [ profile] ellynn_ithilwen, in particular, and any other astronomers on my friends list, whether professional or amateur, might be interested in knowing that The Isle of Man is set to be a centre for British star gazing after receiving an award from a UK research body - there are a couple of lovely pictures in that link too.
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