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This post is going to be rather picture heavy, and it is still only the view from the windows of The Two Byres where we stayed.

Firstly a couple to show you the house, so you can see why we had such good views; The Two Byres... )

And under this second cut are a selection of pictures taken of the views through the windows over the week - the light changed so much that we all kept going for our cameras and clicking! Lots more pictures.... )

We actually did do more than gaze out of the windows - I have more photos to post over the next few days!
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I'm home from my trip to Skye. Had a lovely time, all the travelling arrangements worked perfectly - and I am really tired! I know, I've just had a holiday... I think it was getting up at 7.00 this morning that had that effect.

However - here is just one picture to give you a quick taste of where we were;

Skye 2014 a086

That was the view from one end of the living room of our self-catering 'cottage'.

There will be a lot more pictures over the next few days.
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Actually, the bonny boat will certainly be speeding as our big boat is having her biennial refit and bottom inspection. So tomorrow, bright and early, D-d and I will be speeding across the Irish Sea in Manannan - which can be bumpy if the sea is rough, so let's keep our fingers crossed...

Where are we off to? Why over the sea to Skye, of course! But first we have to go over the sea to Heysham, then we have to get to Lancaster railway station, and from there to Glasgow where we will have a few hours to potter around.

We stay on Friday night at The Millennium Hotel - chosen especially because it is close to the railway station from where the train goes, at 8.20am on Saturday, on one of the great railway journeys of Europe - up to Fort William.

We get to Fort William at lunch time, pick up a hire car, and head up to the Skye Bridge - and we get to Skye somewhere around 2.30ish.

We are joining [ profile] dougalsservant and another friend and her husband, and staying at The Two Byres. We should eventually reach the Two Byres mid afternoon, about 34 hours after leaving home!

I will have my tablet, and my camera - so there might well be a couple of posts and there will, eventually, be pictures.

D-d was in Dublin last night - she had to go to a meeting there for work, and flew back to the island this morning. And she is not staying for the whole week on Skye as she is flying on from Glasgow, with friends, to go to Copenhagen as they have tickets for the second semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest, on Thursday, and are staying in the city until after the final. So she will go to England, Ireland, Scotland and Denmark within a week!
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I have persuaded my long-time friend, and occasional holiday companion, 'D from Skye' to join Live Journal - she is here as [ profile] dougalsservant.

She would, I am sure, welcome friends - she lives, as I said, on the beautiful Scottish island of Skye, sharing her house with four handsome and intelligent cats (well - three handsome ones and one very pretty one, apologies to Tabatha...). You can guess from her username which of the cats is the boss in the household!

This is her first post - it is of one of the road signs on Skye - go and have a look and it will tell you a lot about island life...
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I have a cold - I am not feeling very productive, and I have a cat sitting on my knee between chest and laptop. So although I should be getting on with chapter 20 of TYA (about 1,000 words of which are written, so it is coming along!)I am posting cat pics. A couple of our idiot moggy, and some of my friend's rather more upmarket ones, from my holiday.

click for cat pictures )
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These are the last of my scenic pictures from my trip to Skye - although I have some cat pics for another day.

I am doing this to keep my mind occupied, because if all is going according to plan, Daughter-dear is currently on a flight between Perth and Dubai - so I am worrying about her. As long as all is going well, she gets into Gatwick mid-morning tomorrow, has to wait there for hours, and gets the evening flight home, so we'll see her tomorrow about 8.45pm. I will be very, very glad to see her back on home soil!

A black house, a broch, and more skies )
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As promised - more Skye sky and scenery!

We drove from Broadford to Kylrhea one day - along a tiny mountain road, all twists, turns and gradients. We stopped near the top of a pass where we could pull in, and looked down the way we were headed - towards the second narrowest sea strait between Skye and mainland Scotland. The narrowest point is where they have built the bridge - but Kylrhea to Glenelg is still a ferry route. Quite possibly one of the world's smallest sea-ferries!

Broadford to Kylrhea and the Glenelg ferry – the pictures )
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Here are the first of my scenic pictures of Skye.

My friend lives in a village called Broadford in the east of Skye - it is the second largest settlement on the island - it has a not very big supermarket, a tiny general store, a garage/gift shop, a post office/gift shop, at least four art galleries, a jewellers and a number of other small shops. As you can tell from that description, they get a lot of visitors - hence all the gift shops and art galleries! These three photos show three views of Broadford.

Broadford pictures )

I might post some more of the scenic pictures later tonight, otherwise tomorrow.
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Here are just three of my Skye pictures – and they are not what you expect! I saw some wonderful signs whilst on Skye, and so I though I would share my favourites with you! Tomorrow I will do scenic ones honestly!
But in the meantime see if these amuse you as much as they did me -

Signs  )
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I'm home. Well actually I arrived home last night, but have only just found time to get down to my keyboard and write!

Skye is very beautiful - I haven't down-loaded my pictures yet, but I think some of them will be worth putting up later.

My friend is a cordon bleu level cook - I could not have been better fed at a 4 star hotel - just to make you all jealous here is a list of main meals eaten by me on Skye, all cooked by my clever friend D.:

Venison in red wine sauce, rack of lamb with an oatmeal and black pepper crust, monkfish in a saffron cream sauce, pasta with spicy bacon and tomato sauce, morrocan chicken with barley couscous, duck with orange and mustard sauce, and kedgeree. Envious?

The cats were funny - the two British short-hairs, Tabitha and Dougal decided that I might be acceptable by the end of the first day - but it took the two identical British Blues, Mango and Rum until the last night I was there to come and play with me. I have led them into bad habits - all four have developed a taste for gluten-free pasta, couscous, and kedgeree! I have cat pictures also - when I get around to down-loading them!

The Dick Gaughan concert was very good - it reminded me of two of my LJ friends particularly - [ profile] ezagaaikwe and [ profile] missmurchison.

Why? Well Dick Gaughan reminds me of E's husband Frank - look: Picture of Dick Gaughan

Miss M - well he was talking about politics, as he does, and was describing a conversation in the bar with other performers at a Canadian Festival. One of the American singers said 'I hear you Europeans are having problems agreeing on a Constitution.' DG agreed this was the case. 'Well take ours.' the guy said 'We're not using it!' For those who don't read Miss Muchison (and why not?!) her daughter in particular is interested in the US constitution.

Both S2C and the cat seemed pleased to see me!

Life today has been back to Earth with a bump - I noticed when I got home from work that the freezer wasn't properly shut - and the contents were all somewhat defrosted and had to be thrown out.

And I have just discovered that although I thought my NHS pension had been transfered from the UK when I came home 17 years ago, there is no record of the transfer - so my first 9 years of payments do not go towards my final salary pension - they are frozen somewhere in the UK at the grade I was then. I think this is going to make me about £1,000 a year worse off when I retire in about 9 or 10 years time. If I can even work out how to access that frozen pension, as the Health Authority I worked for no longer exists.

I am hoping the Royal College of Nursing can help me, but the attitude of the civil servant I spoke to was 'You saying that you completed the forms means nothing - the forms are not in your file - therefore they did not exist', so I'm not holding my breath.
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