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I feel like Lucy in my icon. I am fed up with winter now, I would like spring. If we can't have spring can we at least have a week without winds gusting to 70mph - which are due tonight and tomorrow again? At the moment it is just beginning to blow a hooley again, but at least I don't have to go out any more today, so that's of the good, I guess.

Poor S2C has hurt his back. It was improving, and he'd even walked down to the shops before he went to bed for the afternoon. But he must have moved awkwardly in his sleep or something, as it is very sore again.

I know this because I heard him yelling at me from the landing. I went as soon as I heard him, only for him to berate me because he had, apparently, been calling for me to help him out of bed - but the bedroom door was shut, I had the living room door pushed to because the tumble drier is on, and I was listening to the rugby on the TV, which had a lot of crowd cheering, whilst also concentrating on what I was doing on the computer.

But, it seems, he believes firmly that I had heard him and was ignoring him... So he's crabby too.

As for what I was concentrating on on the computer...AAAARGH! D-d and I are going up to Skye in early May to meet up with [ profile] dougalsservant and another friend from my uni days. It should be straightforward to organise. After all, 1,200 years ago there was regular traffic between her island and ours. But these days it takes 2 days.

First attempt was to leave here on a Saturday morning, go to Heysham by sea, then train to Glasgow, stay overnight and get a train from Glasgow to Mallaig on Sunday morning, and a boat from Mallaig to Skye. Except that the morning train doesn't run on Sundays, and the afternoon one only gives 10 minutes to get the boat at Mallaig. If the train is late you are stuck at Mallaig overnight.

[ profile] dougalsservant came up with a fix involving hiring a car at Fort William, rather than once we got to Skye.

Then we find the train from Heysham/Lancaster to Glasgow is not running on the Saturday because of track works. There is a detour which adds 5 hours to the journey.

D-d manages to get an extra day off work, we bring everything forward by a day and it all looks smooth. The lady at the car hire place says it is fine to have the car for an extra day, so the only thing to do is change the hotel booking made for the Saturday night in Glasgow, before we found out about the train problem. Finally got this organised this afternoon. Good job I did, as it seem the hotel website had assumed that when I booked a room for the return journey, just after booking for the one on the outward journey - that it was instead of the first one, not as well as it... WTF?

However, hotel all organised now, tickets all bought for the travelling, everything is fine. Except that now they have changed our boat times between home and Heysham... The big boat is going into dock, despite it being a bank holiday weekend, and the fastcraft is doing the route instead; so we can only hope for good weather. And then D-d and I will be stuck in Lancaster, with our luggage, for about 3.5 hours because our Lancaster-> Glasgow tickets are non transferable. Don't ask about the trip home.

However - we will get there, come hell or high water! And at least I am in the house, warm and dry, and have comfort food - toast with black cherry jam. And hopefully S2C's back will be better when he wakes up. But I still feel crabby...
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Thank you to everyone for the good wishes, virtual hugs, and excellent advice following my shunt in the car on Friday. They have obviously helped as I am not as stiff and sore as predicted at all.

So firstly I am going to do the post I had intended for Friday - just a few pictures to show that we are having a nice autumn so far and so there is still a lot of colour in the garden. Read more... )

And I have been thinking of hobbits - I always think of hobbits when I am pickling spiced pears for Christmas and winter eating - I have begun to think of them as 'Sam's Spiced Pears'. And I was thinking that to me hobbits live in a version of Tolkien's England - so if they drink cider it is, of course, alcoholic - as apple juice would be called just that, not cider, and if they talk of a field of corn, they mean wheat, not maize, and so on.

And it occurred to me that the mental image of some of my friends must be very different when they think of these things. It was actually brought home to me when Cairistiona had one of the Dunedan women 'shucking' corn - and I puzzled over what she could be doing to it - until I realised it was what you did to what we call sweetcorn. So now I sometimes try to see The Shire, or The Angle, as it must appear to my American friends - and it makes me smile.

I wonder what else we see totally differently in our mind's eye?
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I've just had an unexpected afternoon off work... sadly because my car was dunched at lunchtime - with me in it. I'm OK - although I was very shaken at the time. I was turning off the road to go to our main work stores, checked the car behind me as I slowed to a stop, and he seemed to be decelerating, then there was an almighty 'bang' and he had accelerated into me. He was only a young man, accepted it was entirely his fault, and there was a witness - so no worries about that, but I was very shaken, and the work car is a bit second-hand.

I actually went on down the 20 yards to stores, where I was sat down, given a cup of tea, and as soon as my manager knew she came straight up and took me to A&E, waited with me, sorted out the car stuff, and brought me home. She also cancelled my afternoon clinic. A good manager!

A&E doctor declared me to have mild whiplash, gave me some anti-inflammatories, and predicted I will feel much stiffer tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure he is going to be proved right about that. But - I'm fine really.
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At last, after a week of bright sunshine, there are a few flowers in the pots in my back yard - and it looks as if the theme for the summer is going to be Barbie pink, I think - they are definitely doing best at the moment!

Cut for the pics... )

In other news, my shoulder and arm are feeling much better - not right, but a lot better.

And tomorrow, being the 12th of the month, [ profile] hobbituk has reminded me that we are going to do a mini version of the observation day, and post about our day - do feel free to join us - your ordinary day is fascinating to everyone else!
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We have had a week of glorious weather - dry, calm, sunny, and warm for us although I know [ profile] pondhopper would think it cold! (We have had daytime temperatures of 16-22C.)

I spent a lot of the week helping do 'teas' at church for all our motorcycling visitors, and there are one or two pictures under this cut )

But I think I mixed one to many cakes by hand, and carried one too many heavy things, as my left shoulder and arm became very painful and more or less non-functional. This has happened before - this is the third time in maybe 18 years and it is not only painful, but incapacitating as I am left handed. The worst problems are that it makes typing difficult - so no writing, and that it makes it impossible for me to sleep well - if I lie on that side it hurts, if I lie on the other side then there doesn't seem to be anywhere to put it comfortably - and the only place I can sleep much is, weirdly, on the settee. And this annoys S2C as he feels that if I am on the settee he needs to be very quiet, lower the lights, etc. - even though I tell him that I am so tired that it honestly makes no difference.

Last night I actually slept in the single bed in D-d's old room - this seemed to help a bit. And I have applied heat pads, taken regular ibuprofen, rubbed voltarol emulgel into it, and now have my mum's TENS machine... and, as you can tell by the amount of typing here, it is recovering. If the last couple of times are anything to go by it could be a week or two for it to get close to normal, but at least it is usable now!

And, as I couldn't bake or help at church yesterday, D-d and I went out to lunch, over at Niarbyl, and ate seafood salads whilst gazing out to sea - but I fear there are no pictures!
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