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On the Tuesday that D-d and I were in London, we went to the Churchill War Rooms for about 3 or 4 hours, even though they reckoned it took about 2! Then we had a brief lunch in St James's Park, before walking across Horse-guards Parade to visit The Banqueting House. D-d wanted to visit it in particular because of her love of the Stuarts - Charles 1st was beheaded there. In fact we were both equally fascinated by the actors who were 'rehearsing for a court masque' - D-d had a chance to have quite a chat with one of them - a slightly surreal conversation where he was in character - and she fell into the role of one of the household of Lady Stanley which she portrayed in Labyrinth last month! I was mainly a fascinated onlooker...

However, I did not use my camera inside the war-rooms or the Banqueting House - I somehow never got around to it!

Here, though, is a picture of St James's Park -

st james park

That is about 5 or 10 minutes from the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and so on - a really lovely, quiet, space for everyone. On those rocks are some pelicans. We heard a couple arguing about whether they could possibly be real - he was convinced they were ornaments - even though they were flapping their wings...

We ate in Bill's in St Martin's Courtyard, in Covent Garden. As neither of us had come across this chain before it was something new for us; we were really pleased to see naked burgers on the menu - and were both rather sad that it was a bit early for us and we didn't have room for pudding! Early - because we then went to the theatre to see Matilda - which was wonderful.

Wednesday we went to The Wallace Collection - and, again, I left my camera in my bag. Excellent though - totally recommend it. I can confirm that The Laughing Cavalier is neither laughing nor a cavalier - but he has some rather nice clothing. We'd also recommend their courtyard cafe!

Thursday, and D-d was back home, and I went to the V&A. This time I took the camera out of my bag...

Read more... )

And that, folks, is the last of the holiday posts...
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This post is almost entirely dress related. There are some pictures of the exhibition of dresses belonging to The Queen, Princess Margaret, and Dead Di, and also a few of some older dresses.

Those of you who were at Writerconuk in Coventry might be a bit bemused when I tell you that one of the dresses made me think of [ profile] huntingospray and her talk on hard costuming - but when you see it you'll understand!

Dresses this way.... )

So - that is the end of the dress post. But I'm warning you - I took my camera to the V&A on Thursday...
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This is the first post about what I got up to once I moved from Coventry down to London. D-d flew in to London City Airport and met me at out hotel in time for dinner on Sunday evening. We were staying at The Radisson Blu Vanderbilt about 3 minutes walk from the Natural History Museum, 5 minutes from th V&A, and about 15 minutes from Kensington Palace. We got a really nice bed and breakfast deal which included an Oyster Card with £10 on it (extremely useful for travelling on the tube), afternoon tea, and free entry to Kensington Palace - which had been on our to-do list anyway.

So on Monday we went down to breakfast (and as I mentioned in the short post made at the time, got scolded by the waitress for not eating enough!), and then walked to Kensington Gardens, and thence to the Palace.

Under the cut are pictures of the gardens, and a few taken inside, but none of the costume ones- I will post those separately tomorrow as it would, otherwise, have been a very long post.

So - we walked towards the palace, and I got the weird sensation that it was... too flat...Read more... )

And so - tomorrow - dresses, lots of dresses.
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I'm still in London - last day today - home tomorrow.

So - Monday's trip to Kensington Palace was very interesting - I will post some pictures once I get back to the laptop as my tablet doesn't have a slot to upload from the camera card. There was an exhibition of dresses belonging to the Queen, Princess Margaret, and Dead Di - I am hoping there are some nice pictures on the card!

We had afternoon tea, and walked to the Royal Albert Hall, where we had seats right up in the gods, for a classic prom, and then, also, for the Six Music prom which featured the London Sinfonietta and The Stranglers, amongst others!

Tuesday saw us up bright and early again - tube into town and then a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, followed by a pause in St James Park, and then a visit to the Banqueting House where actors were 'rehearsing for a great masque' - which was fun.

Thence to the Covent Garden area, a meal, and to Mathilda. Which was excellent and worth every penny of the very high ticket price!

Yesterday we went to the Wallace Collection - a wonderful collection of works of art, porcelain, furniture and an armoury. This included a break for lunch in their rather excellent café - and then back to the hotel for D-d to collect her case and head for London City airport, as she was flying home last night and due back to work this morning.

I pottered off to Waitrose to get a couple of bits to eat in my room and laze around.

Then began a series of messages - the airport at home was suffering fog problems some planes were being turned around, her flight might be delayed... Eventually she ended up in the Gatwick Hilton, and is hopefully in the air now on her way home! She seems to have an affinity for the Gatwick Hilton - I think this is the third time BA have put her up there.

I'm heading out now to see what the queues are like at both the Natural History Museum and the V&A and take it from there...

Train back up to Lancaster tomorrow, and boat home.
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Just checking in, to say that I had an excellent time with some excellent people at Writerconuk in Coventry, and am now having a few days with D-d in London.

We are staying close to the Natural History Museum, in a rather nice hotel. Last night, as I'd just travelled down from Coventry and D-d had been at a wedding on Saturday, flown in on Sunday morning and met up with her friend from uni before coming to the hotel, we ate in the hotel - and were truly stuffed.

This morning we had a light breakfast and then walked over to Kensington Palace - we had free tickets from our hotel - and it was excellent. Apart from the usual exhibits there was a special one of clothes belonging to The Queen, Princess Margaret, and Dead Di. There will be pictures....

D-d decided to explore Kensington Gardens - I decided to spend a little time in the Natural History Museum, especially to see the portrait of Alfred Russell Wallace who is now given his rightful place beside Darwin. But there was almost a 1 hour queue to get in - so I'm afraid I didn't bother!

We are going to have afternoon tea in a few minutes and then pause, briefly, before walking to the Royal Albert Hall to see 2 proms - prom number 39, Holst, Nishat Khan, and Vaughn Williams, and then prom 40 - the Six Music prom, featuring Cerys Matthews, Laura Marling, and The Stranglers.

I'll report back.... but it might not be until Wednesday, as tomorrow's plan looks to be The Churchill Rooms, The Banqueting House (where Charles First was beheaded) - and we are going to the theatre to see Matilde.
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During our brief stay in York I also spent a day in London - leaving S2C behind. You can do that sort of thing when you've been married as long as we have!

What was I doing in London? Meeting LJ People. [ profile] just_ann_now was in the UK on a tour from her home in the US and a wee bunch of us all arranged to meet her, and each other, in the British Museum. And so I was on a very different train on the Thursday - the train from York to London only takes a couple of hours these days!

There were seven or eight of us - I've lost track - including not just Ann but also [ profile] kortirion, [ profile] jay_of_lasgalen and [ profile] azalaisdep. And we all got on immediately, as I had rather thought we might! Much fun and laughter over lunch - including gifts from Ann (I haven't dared start my book just yet - I need to get my Tolkien BigBang story finished and am afraid of being side-tracked!). then we set of on a quick tour of the museum before various people had to head of in various directions for trains and other things.

Ann's husband joined us when it was time for her to go - and somehow I forgot to pass him my camera to add to the others that he was kindly taking pics of us all with.

However - under the cut are a few Assyrian bits - and the weirdest little stone relief I've ever seen! )

It was lovely to meet up with LJ people - we always know each other so well straight away.

Like when we meet up at our annual do in Coventry. As a committee member I feel it is perfectly reasonable for me to take this opportunity to pimp [ profile] writerconuk - meeting up in Coventry on the first weekend of August - provided enough people sign up...

PS - I'm busy because it's almost TT and I am making my usual industrial quantities of carrot cake to sell for/at church!
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Greetings from wet and windy York. I came over on Sunday, and brought D-d back after her half-term week at home, so I’ve had a couple of days to do some Christmas shopping, and hang out with my daughter, very restful.

Tomorrow, however, the excitement happens! I leave here on a train about 10.30 in the morning to go to London – arrive about 12.30 and go to a hotel just off Oxford Street, where I meet up with three colleagues from work – my ‘support team’! One of them, and I, plan a wander up and down Oxford Street, then I will toddle back to the hotel, have a wee rest, and then put on my glad-rags as it is the night of the Nursing Times Awards Dinner, at the Hilton on Park Lane.

I really don’t expect to win my class, but it will be quite an experience to go to the event. It is a dinner, the awards, and then dancing and ‘networking opportunities’ (Ugh!) till 1a.m. Then back to the hotel where we stay, grab a few hours sleep, and then the other three fly home on Thursday morning and I get a train back to York, back here to the Holiday Inn (only 500yards from D-d’s place) for another night, dinner with D-d, and then drive up to Heysham for the Friday afternoon boat home.

I really, really, hope the weather will have improved by then…

As for the posh-frock dinner… yes, there will be photos – I have even borrowed D-d’s camera as it fits into my small handbag better than mine does.

And I promise I’ll post to say how I got on.
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Here are the last pictures of our visit to London – you can breath a sigh of relief. They are of some lesser known monuments of significance to my history loving daughter. There are things we did not take pictures of – which separated us from the run of the mill tourist so to speak – there were no photos of black cabs, red buses, letter boxes or phone boxes – all of which we saw being snapped over and over again by lots of people – most of them Japanese it seemed.

Snow, Monmouth and the Merchant Navy. )

In other news, the weather turned out better than expected – it stayed fine for D-d and her friends to have the birthday picnic – although she was not up to eating much – the reason for which was in my last, friends-locked, post. (Don’t worry Dorothy if you are reading this – just a lesson well learnt!)

I spent a happy hour or more replanting my hanging baskets and some of the pots, with lots of plants some of which I even knew names for!!
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I am pic-spamming again – under the cut are more pictures of our trip to London – actually more of Hampton Court, because it is enormous, and beautiful, and we couldn’t resist the gardens.

Hampton Court Grounds. )

In other news, I have bought a car! Currently I use S2C’s Octavia more than he does, for running around, going to work, shopping etc., and have a government owned Corsa which I must use for my work visits. D-d is learning to drive, and is finding the Octavia too big for her, and of course she is not allowed to drive the Corsa – it is actually parked at my work when I come home.

So I decided to buy her and me a little car to share. I can take it to work, so if S2C actually does want to use his car he can, D-d can do ‘learner miles’ between her formal lessons, and when she passes her test she can use it to go visit friends etc.

The plan was to get a Micra, or a Corsa, maybe a Ford Ka, or a Seat Arosa like her instructor’s. But I was passing a local second-hand car dealers on Thursday, and decided to see what he had – and fell in love. We are going to share a cute little white Citroen C3. It is 3 years old, and really has had one lady driver – who only did 17,000 miles in those 3 years! How neat is that? I can bring it home as soon as I can sort out the insurance.

I am warning you – there will be pictures!
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location: Japan - well, it's on TV, and clicking will be cool!
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Today I bring you – London as seen from the top of an open-topped double-decker bus. We try to tour around any city we visit on one of those Big Bus tours, to get a good overview of the place and its history, and we spent a day doing more or less that – getting off a couple of times for lunch and a walk around the Covent Garden area – but mainly just seeing the sights.

London from the top of a bus. )

In other news – today has been warm-ish and sunny. I have been out in the yard tidying up the debris of leaves etc. that has built up over the winter, taken a few dead plants out of my tubs, and uncovered the garden table and chairs – spring has definitely sprung in Onchan!

Mmm - and why am I feeling cranky? Because I had to upload all the pictures from photobucket twice before LJ would show them. Even though the second version looked exactly the same as the first one, which LJ kept telling me had an irreparable error - which moved every time I redid the one it was complaining about!
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