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I was looking for something totally different when I found a picture of a town called Ostuni, in Italy.

And lo! It is Minas Tirith.

Ostuni_in_Puglia-e aka Minas Tirith

And here is a quiet snicket within Minas Tirith Ostuni;

Minas Tirith stair

How beautiful is that? I can imagine Dawn and her assailants from Return of The Key there.

But I think I'm going to have to write something else set in MT now!
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This is a post purely to share some of my daughter's pictures of Florence, taken a couple of years ago, after I mentioned them yesterday.

I visited Florence when I was much younger - and would like to go again sometime. I rather fancy travelling, as Brutti-ma-Buonni did to Austria recently, by train... one of these days.

So - to help maintain that feeling of warmth and serenity from yesterday - here is Florence

Under the cut... )
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It is very wet today. As I drove up the hill from the promenade to the village (about 1/2k or so) there was water running down it, all the way, like a small river. I know it is worse in Clovelly but, even so, it is still unusual to create waves all the way up Summer Hill.

When I got home my screen saver made me smile - and so I thought I might upload a few of the pictures and share them.

You'll see the relevance of the opening sentences if you look under this clicky )
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It's wet and windy outdoors this evening. Not unusual for the time of year. Sadly, for her, D-d is currently being tossed on Manannan somewhere between England and home. She is coming home for half term - which she usually doesn't, but she decided she needed the break, and her home friends and family, so she left college at lunchtime, packed, got a train to Liverpool, and is on her way home.

So - to while away my time until I go down to the Sea Terminal to collect her - and to brighten up everyone's day with some remembered summer sunshine - under the cut are photos she took in Venice in July, but we never got around to sharing them.

picture heavy clicky )

Now to go and put some shoes on and go down to collect her. the boat was due in at 22.30 - but the website says it is now due at 23.00...
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D-d is back in York busily unpacking everything and settling into a new room. Her landlord is gutting the coach house where she lived last year, but the three coach-housers still in York have moved into his other house, just up the drive, along with a couple who lived there last year, that she already knows. So not too big an upheaval. She didn't feel ready to go, this time - too many friends still at home, and a short summer... but she rang earlier and is feeling happier now that she's there.

I'll be seeing her in a couple of days time, anyway, as she is coming down to meet me in London and make sure I look tidy for this presentation thing! And then we are going to The Lion King together.

Anyway - D-d has been home for 6 weeks, is now back in York - and I'm still posting pictures from her trip to Italy!

Remember the bell tower in Florence? Well my daughter, major vertigo sufferer, decided to climb it... and under the cut are the pictures she took click for the pics )
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Tonight I have uploaded a few more of D-d's pictures of Florence onto Flickr to share. Again they reminded me of my own visit there so many years ago, although she also saw things that I didn't... including what is now my favourite ceiling of all time and the world's most distracting place to hold a conference...

pictures under here )

Totally unrelated; today is my sister's 50th birthday. I can remember, as a small child, spending the summer with my grandparents and there being a phone call one Sunday morning from my Dad to say that I had a baby sister. I was sent to tell my grandfather, who was in his office 'doing the books', a walk of about half a mile - it seemed a perfectly reasonable thing for a five year old to do, here, 50 years ago.

We are going out for a big family lunch tomorrow - I do love a meal I don't have to cook!
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A few more of the pictures my daughter took when in Florence are below the cut. The daughter in question is currently at a hog-roast with the local young lawyers association, which sounds like good fun!

I am currently watching a television programme about the sex trade in Pompeii - which reminded me that I had these pictures uploaded to Flickr, but I hadn't shared them. The link is only Italy, though - although there is a statue of a male with a couple of semi-naked females...

beautiful buildings and things )

Going back to the brothels of Pompeii - which is a bit like going from the sublime to the ridiculous - I am reminded of something very weird I saw today. Sadly somewhere where I couldn't get the camera out.

As I drove along the promenade I was stuck behind a horse-tram for 50 yards or so. Just long enough to wonder about the figure sitting on the back seat; a dark haired male in his thirties or so, wearing a small red net skirt and a pair or red 'fairy-wings', and carrying a four foot long inflated penis...

Not the sort of thing you see every day, that!
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When I was in lower sixth, so sixteen going on seventeen, I went on a cruise on board a school ship.

I don’t think they have them any more – they were very much a thing of the sixties and seventies I think – a way of showing us something of the world whilst making use of troop ships built in the days of national service and then found to be surplus to requirements. I went on board Nevasa.

I worked all summer, in a local grocer’s shop, to earn half the cost and my pocket money for the trip, as my family really couldn’t have easily sent me, otherwise. My, older, cousin had done the same thing, some six or seven years earlier, and had sailed on board Dunera.

The children slept in dormitories, and we ate in a huge canteen. There were classrooms where we learnt about the countries we would visit, and about the seas we were sailing on. We had ‘social events’ in the evening, and had to be quietly in our bunks, lights off, by 10pm. But it was the most amazing event of my pre-university life.

What has brought this to mind is that we called into Livorno, on the coast of Italy, and went, for the day, to Pisa and Florence.

And under the cut I have some of D-d’s pictures of Pisa and Florence. It was fascinating looking at them with her – and discovering that certain things not only had not changed, but struck us both in exactly the same way…

under here for the pictures )

There will be more pictures of Florence – definitely.

And in other news, S2C has bought me one of these - a Logitech lapdesk with built in fan and speakers – which is much more useful than you might think! My laptop is really happy – not only is it home again, and able to charge up, but it no longer overheats. Really good bit of kit.
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Daughter-dear spent about ten days in Italy before she came home for six weeks of summer. Italy was her holiday time, as much of her time at home will be spent working in a local law firm.

She has wanted to visit Italy for a long time - she studied Classical Civilisation at A level, and Romans and Barbarians as part of her History degree - and decided this was her chance. As none of her friends were either available when she was, or could afford to go, she joined a group organised by Contiki and says she would recommend the experience to anyone within their age range (18-35).

As you make your own way to the start point, in her case Rome, a group can be made up of people from any number of different countries - she turned out to be the only European in a group of Americans, Canadians, Aussies, New Zealanders, South Africans and Philippinos - she said it enabled her to get some fascinating insights into other cultures as well as Italy!

Anyway - she says she is quite happy for me to show you all some of her pictures so here we go with a few pics of Rome - or you can't beat a good painted ceiling, or two, or three... )

I didn't actually expect her to come back with a picture of a naked, drunken Gimli!
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