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I feel like Lucy in my icon. I am fed up with winter now, I would like spring. If we can't have spring can we at least have a week without winds gusting to 70mph - which are due tonight and tomorrow again? At the moment it is just beginning to blow a hooley again, but at least I don't have to go out any more today, so that's of the good, I guess.

Poor S2C has hurt his back. It was improving, and he'd even walked down to the shops before he went to bed for the afternoon. But he must have moved awkwardly in his sleep or something, as it is very sore again.

I know this because I heard him yelling at me from the landing. I went as soon as I heard him, only for him to berate me because he had, apparently, been calling for me to help him out of bed - but the bedroom door was shut, I had the living room door pushed to because the tumble drier is on, and I was listening to the rugby on the TV, which had a lot of crowd cheering, whilst also concentrating on what I was doing on the computer.

But, it seems, he believes firmly that I had heard him and was ignoring him... So he's crabby too.

As for what I was concentrating on on the computer...AAAARGH! D-d and I are going up to Skye in early May to meet up with [ profile] dougalsservant and another friend from my uni days. It should be straightforward to organise. After all, 1,200 years ago there was regular traffic between her island and ours. But these days it takes 2 days.

First attempt was to leave here on a Saturday morning, go to Heysham by sea, then train to Glasgow, stay overnight and get a train from Glasgow to Mallaig on Sunday morning, and a boat from Mallaig to Skye. Except that the morning train doesn't run on Sundays, and the afternoon one only gives 10 minutes to get the boat at Mallaig. If the train is late you are stuck at Mallaig overnight.

[ profile] dougalsservant came up with a fix involving hiring a car at Fort William, rather than once we got to Skye.

Then we find the train from Heysham/Lancaster to Glasgow is not running on the Saturday because of track works. There is a detour which adds 5 hours to the journey.

D-d manages to get an extra day off work, we bring everything forward by a day and it all looks smooth. The lady at the car hire place says it is fine to have the car for an extra day, so the only thing to do is change the hotel booking made for the Saturday night in Glasgow, before we found out about the train problem. Finally got this organised this afternoon. Good job I did, as it seem the hotel website had assumed that when I booked a room for the return journey, just after booking for the one on the outward journey - that it was instead of the first one, not as well as it... WTF?

However, hotel all organised now, tickets all bought for the travelling, everything is fine. Except that now they have changed our boat times between home and Heysham... The big boat is going into dock, despite it being a bank holiday weekend, and the fastcraft is doing the route instead; so we can only hope for good weather. And then D-d and I will be stuck in Lancaster, with our luggage, for about 3.5 hours because our Lancaster-> Glasgow tickets are non transferable. Don't ask about the trip home.

However - we will get there, come hell or high water! And at least I am in the house, warm and dry, and have comfort food - toast with black cherry jam. And hopefully S2C's back will be better when he wakes up. But I still feel crabby...
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First - husband health report - he is very tired still, but one of the District Nurses visited today, checked his wound and declared herself happy with it. She will return to take his clips out in a week's time.

Talking of the District Nurses - all those of us who were, until last month, based together in a small clinic building, have an annual Christmas lunch - we all put £5 in the kitty and someone gets the food with this, then we all buy one present and put it into a box - after lunch we all get a present out of the box.

This year we have moved into a large Community Clinic, into offices on different floors - but we are still getting together for our lunch tomorrow.

The only problem is that the majority f our original group, all based upstairs, were talking a couple of weeks ago and decided that, rather than the usual 'bran-tub' system we should do a secret santa - where everyone gets a name out of the bag in advance and buys for that particular person. Problem? Well, it wouldn't have been if they had thought to tell the three of us based downstairs...

It suddenly occurred to someone that there were three names left in the bag - and that perhaps they hadn't told us. Apologetic e-mail from upstairs arrives mid afternoon Friday but I was out visiting patients. The other 2 go up and draw names - leaving one name. This will obviously be the person I buy something for. I find this out this morning when I go into work. I have already got a nice set from the Body Shop all wrapped ready for the 'bran tub', so it will just need the right name adding. I go up, take the piece of paper - and find it is the only male team member...

A very quick bit of shopping at lunchtime, rather than having lunch, means he will get something more suitable!

The change to Secret Santa was actually made because of the one male - the past couple of years someone has had to go and buy something specifically for him anyway, and keep it to one side, so this really is a better system. ut what are the chances of the last name of 15 being the one male, when I already had a female present ready? Well yes, 1:15, I know - but it still feels less likely!
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Remember back on October 4th I said that D-d's birthday gift to her Dad had not arrived for his birthday although she had ordered it about 8 days before?

Well when it hadn't arrived by almost a week later she contacted the supplier in York who then e-mailed her an apology; their carrier had taken it as usually and then, 7 days later, returned it as they didn't deliver to 'the highlands and islands'.

So they then sent it by Parcel2Go, and gave her the tracking number. On 17th of October she asked me had it arrived, as the tracking info showed it being delivered... to an address in York. But not the supplier's address. At this stage, S2C knew the supplier was York Armouries and so that it was likely to be a replica weapon - and decided it was probably a boomerang!

Finally, on Wednesday, which was October 23rd of course, it was delivered about 4.30pm. So it took about 26 or 27 days to travel the 120 or so miles between York and our house.

And what was it?

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As some of you will now it was S2C's birthday on Friday - and we celebrated it quietly with a meal at an Indian Restaurant and a chat to D-d on the phone. I'm not sure what her gift to him is, as we are still waiting for it to arrive in the post! She says she ordered it about 2 weeks ago, so hopefully, any day now.... and it is a nice way to stretch the celebration

Then on Saturday it was Messy Church. One of the others was taking the pictures this week so I don't have a lot to share.

But we had good fun with our theme of autumn leaves. There were leaf prints, and cakes with autumn coloured leaves on them - I had children making autumn leaf brooches out of felt, and then the 'joint art' project was to make autumn tree hangings with real leaves.

Then we had thought about whether autumn was a happy time, or a sad time - would God see it as a happy time or a sad time? And a story looking at that question. Then the 'cauliflowers fluffy' song, a short prayer - and tea together. As always, it was a lovely couple of hours that flew past very quickly.

And here is a picture of the first of the autumn leaf brooches -


And the autumn tree hangings -

messy trees 002

Aren't they fun?
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Traditionally the church children have a special service in July to celebrate the end of term as we do not have children's lessons over the summer, so many of them are off-island, and it gives the teachers a chance to charge our own batteries.

This service was on Sunday - and our theme was sheep! We looked at a number of the times sheep occur in the Bible a few weeks ago - and then we made sheep! Lots of sheep. And rehearsed a story, and made more sheep...

I took some pictures -

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In other news - it is definitely summer today - S2C has taken his jumper off. And even his sweatshirt for an hour or two!

Actually the temperature was about 25C today - and I met one of my patients who has a small son, about 18 months old. She said he was a bit fretful in the heat - but then it occurred to us that it has never been as warm as this at any time in his life - no wonder he was making strange!
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Saturday was the first day it was warm enough to walk Mum's doglet on the Ayres without a coat.

Yesterday was a good day to hang out washing - except that my clothes pole had broken over the winter... D-d came for dinner and we had roast duck, courtesy of my mum, and I made rhubarb fool. This reminded me that there was a problem with my hand mixer - the clash of metal on metal, blade hitting blade, is good in a fight scene - but not so good when the mixer makes it!

Today was a public holiday and so S2C and I set off and achieved the following;
  • broken garden chair and garden umbrella to the Amenity site - along with a few other bits of rubbish.
  • new clothes pole from B&Q.
  • new phone for Mum from Currys
  • new Blue-ray player for us ditto.
  • new mixer from local electronics shop
  • new sound bar thing for TV ditto (guess which one of us wanted that...)

  • Also today I changed our bed and washed the bedding, and cleaned the window frames in the bedroom.

    It definitely all sounds like spring!

    The weather has been so much nicer this week too - back to the nice clear weather we had in March - but warmer.

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    S2C made it to work last night - he slipped, slid, and staggered down the steep slope of our street to the main road, where there was no sign of any buses - but a taxi was trying, and failing, to go up the next street to ours.

    When the driver gave up, and the passenger got out to walk the rest of the way, S2C flagged the taxi and was, therefore, able to get down to town to work.

    There were no buses this morning either - however, a colleague who got in by car for 8am finally gave him a lift up to the village about 9am when it was clear that he was stuck down in Douglas. (The bus problem is caused by us all living on steep slopes - the bus routes, naturally, are through the housing estates which soon become impassable!)

    So - he got there, and home, and by tonight, we hope, he will be able to take our car down.

    The west of the island is cut off from the rest of us, though, as they have had the worst snow - and with the high winds the drifting has been a big problem.

    This is the webcam picture of the seafront at Peel - so at sea level, and with the heavy salt spray effect...

    Snow, Peel, Webcam

    Pretty - but chilly. Parts of the west of the island are without electricity - high winds coupled with snow and ice on the powerlines - and may be until Monday. I really don't envy them.
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    Gosh - it's nearly a week since Valentine's Day, and I have a picture I took then that I posted in [ profile] photo_scavenger but forgot to post here.

    So starting with that one; S2C got me a card and a chocolate heart - I hadn't got him anything similar, but I had the day off work so I took him to The Hawthorn for lunch. I really should have taken a picture of my creole cod with stir fried vegetables as it was very pretty - but I didn't...

    However I did take a picture outside the pub that shows that spring is trying to arrive already...Read more... )

    Actually, after lunch I took him to one of his favourite places - the local computer shop. Because, while in spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love, those of a middle-aged man turn to thoughts of ultra-books and similar. Where he actually found a new computer desk that he really likes! After using a rather wobbly white metal one for the past twelve or thirteen years. This one is black metal and glass, more stylish, more stable, and fits in with the rest of the room much better.

    Pic.... )

    And now for a few I took yesterday, just because it was a lovely day. It was actually cold enough overnight to require de-icing of the car to go to work - but very quickly it became bright and sunny, and although the temperature never did get above about 8 -9C there was no wind to speak of, everything was still; so it felt warmer as we are used to an almost permanent chill factor all winter!

    I took one especially for photo-scavenger - the theme this week is 'time' - I'll let you guess which one!

    Quite a few pictures of a nice day... )

    Today was a much greyer day, and windy. But at least yesterday reminded us that spring could well be on the way.
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    S2C has seen the eye specialist, had some tests done, and now has eye drops and ointment to use regularly - it seems as if the surface damage to his eyes is, at least in part, caused by them having become too dry. So far they seem to be helping - with his new glasses, once his drops are in, his sight is better than it was a month or two ago. So, so far, so good.

    In other news, winter is icumen in... last night it was below freezing for the first time this winter - this morning I needed to scrape the ice off the car - and tonight looks as if it will be much the same.

    It really should make me feel festive and all ready to prepare for Christmas - and I am trying. I am ready to go into church on Saturday morning and decorate the Advent ring; I have bought D-d an Advent Calendar, and one for the Sunday Schoolers; I have some craft stuff ready for Messy Christmas at church...

    But as for making cards and so on - I fear I haven't done any. You might get bought ones this year...
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    Hmm - well life, anyway.

    The good -
    • work has been busy, but in a good way. I've been teaching and it tires me out - I have nothing but admiration for those of you who do it full-time.
    • S2C and I went out for a very good dinner last night - and then met D-d to go to see comedian Milton Jones.  The tickets were her birthday present to her Dad - and were an excellent gift as we all enjoyed him very much.  Although there was a woman behind us who could have got employment as a one-person laughter track for TV sitcoms...
    • I have been busy wrapping shoe-boxes to send Christmas gifts to the children of the Chernobyl area, where life is still blighted by the events of 26th April 1986 - no, not our wedding, the other events of that day!
    The bad -
    • Those of you who are friends of S2C will know that he went to the opticians for his routine check-up yesterday, knowing his sight was getting worse, and that he would doubtless need new glasses, only to be told that the deterioration in his right eye was so great since last time that the optician is very worried about it and wants to do more tests.  As S2C's eyesight has always been very poor (both D-d and I are used to cries for help if he puts his glasses down somewhere and then they fall, or he moves a little - without them he cannot see anything), then deterioration that worries our optician worries us too.
    • The weather this summer has been so bad that the turnip harvest has failed at the 'folk village' of Cregneash - children who would usual attend the fun-days making traditional turnip lanterns for 31st October (hop-tu-naa to us), are being told to bring their own turnip if they can find one... or any other large root vegetable they might be able to hollow out!  Can you imagine a spooky lantern made out of a carrot?
    • I almost didn't get home from work tonight as so many of the roads between Douglas and Peel were flooded - and I'd got stuck on the Peel side of the floods.  But I did - so perhaps this belongs in 'Good'!
    The ugly -
    • The guy who was the support act last night.  Well not so much down right ugly, as really not very good.  Really, really, not very good.  He was called Hal Cruttenden - avoid him if you can, I think.
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