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Easter Sunday is a day of joy! I started the day with coffee in bed, because I have a good husband - then I got up, put a large chicken ready to go in the oven so that said husband could put it on to cook whilst I was out, and gathered up all my bits for Sunday School.

We have been considering 'Christ the superhero' and had a prayer, and colouring, related to that theme, and then we thought of small kindnesses and small braveries... as epitomised by Saint Veronica who was brave enough to step out of a jeering crowd to carry out her small act of kindness in mopping blood and sweat from Jesus' face. This is a level of bravery and kindness an eight or nine year old can cope with in real life.

Then we went on to think about the way in which we incorporate the pagan symbols of new life into our celebration of the resurrection. And to put that theme together with the small kindnesses by making something for ourselves and something to go and give to someone else at the end of the service.

I have put pictures of the, very colourful, outcome of this under this cut... )

The chicken dinner, followed by the Very Chocolate Trifle (a layer of chocolate chip muffins soaked with a little chocolate Bailey's, a layer of cherries, a layer of vanilla custard and a layer of chocolate custard, topped with whipped cream and served in small bowls) was good.

We visited Mum in the afternoon to take her her Easter Egg and a couple of large fairy cakes from Saturday's baking, and then D-d had another complete dinner before going home as it was so good!

I have a Lindt Egg, and a Thornton's one. I have eaten just a few of the chocolates D-d chose to go with the Thornton's one.

Today has been a beautiful day, the temperature actually reached 20C. And I have finally (don't laugh) tried taking pictures with my phone and downloading them onto the computer - I was finally told by D-d that I still needed a cable to do this - they didn't actually 'do it wirelessly if only I knew how' :) I know, I can be very tech unsavvy sometimes!

To celebrate this moment of enlightenment I've taken a few pictures in the yard, using the phone, which are under this cut.... )
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One of the paper-white narcissi in my garden was blown over and snapped its stem, so now I have it in the house in a small vase;

pattern 008

I don't suppose it'll last long as it has been in bloom for a good week outdoors already, but just for now it gives me pleasure.
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I've posted my Back to Middle Earth Month story to the community ready to be 'unveiled' on March 12th. I think I followed all the instructions...

I think I need a glass of wine after that - posting was almost as difficult as writing it, making sure I followed all the instructions plus making sure the recipe format was OK, and the photo I added... (My prompt was The turning of the year brings feasts and holidays. It's time to enjoy the bounty that was saved for the winter. Create a story or a work of art featuring a Winter seasonal food. Bonus for including a recipe. - but how I answered it will only be made public in another 6 days time!)

And - a small sign of spring, at last!

goats 002
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Last Christmas I bought my mum some 'carpet roses' for her gift. These are low growing rose bushes that spread sideways and flower well. The idea was to fill the flowerbed under her front window with something that required little care and the local excavating cat would prefer not to uproot.

When I got them they were little more than 6 inch high twigs with thorns. However they have turned out to be very successful and still, in the middle of November, they are covered in flowers.

Pictures... )

And as you approach our house, I still have flowers, too.

More pictures... )

It is so nice to still have those spots of colour.
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Thank you to everyone for the good wishes, virtual hugs, and excellent advice following my shunt in the car on Friday. They have obviously helped as I am not as stiff and sore as predicted at all.

So firstly I am going to do the post I had intended for Friday - just a few pictures to show that we are having a nice autumn so far and so there is still a lot of colour in the garden. Read more... )

And I have been thinking of hobbits - I always think of hobbits when I am pickling spiced pears for Christmas and winter eating - I have begun to think of them as 'Sam's Spiced Pears'. And I was thinking that to me hobbits live in a version of Tolkien's England - so if they drink cider it is, of course, alcoholic - as apple juice would be called just that, not cider, and if they talk of a field of corn, they mean wheat, not maize, and so on.

And it occurred to me that the mental image of some of my friends must be very different when they think of these things. It was actually brought home to me when Cairistiona had one of the Dunedan women 'shucking' corn - and I puzzled over what she could be doing to it - until I realised it was what you did to what we call sweetcorn. So now I sometimes try to see The Shire, or The Angle, as it must appear to my American friends - and it makes me smile.

I wonder what else we see totally differently in our mind's eye?
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We continue to have warm, dry, sunny weather - it is a proper summer!

I was up early this morning as my sister and I had an appointment at Castle Rushen at 10.00. We left in good time, and got there early - so we sat in the gardens and nattered for a while, before being part of the first group to explore Labyrinth. This was a theatrical event taking part in the castle - as a small group we were taken up and down the circular staircases around the ramparts, in and out of different rooms - but I will leave posting more details because I am hoping there might be a few official photos, as we weren't allowed to take pictures - and, to be honest, it would have been difficult and distracting!

However, as Jackie was going to Mum's, by lunchtime I was home and was able to sit in the garden to read, and eat lunch. Then a shopping trip to Tescos to stock the cupboards and the fridge, and to a local electrical suppliers to buy a new microwave as the old one now has no light and the turntable doesn't work... before retiring back to the garden with my book.

I got an urge to tidy the shed as it got a little cooler this evening - one of those jobs I've been going to do for ages!

But I also thought I would share a few pictures of the garden as I spent so much time there today...

Read more... )

Now to go and hang out some washing to dry overnight. What a pleasure to be almost sure that it won't rain, and that by mid morning tomorrow they should be dry!
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Those of you who are friends of [ profile] bojojoti will have seen her posts with pictures of all her different small gardens within her large one. You will be amused to see that mine, on the other hand, grows only in a series of pots between the house and the back gate!

But it is quite colourful...

This is the view from the back of the house -

garden july 1st 2013

And I have put a few close ups under this cut.. )
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At last, after a week of bright sunshine, there are a few flowers in the pots in my back yard - and it looks as if the theme for the summer is going to be Barbie pink, I think - they are definitely doing best at the moment!

Cut for the pics... )

In other news, my shoulder and arm are feeling much better - not right, but a lot better.

And tomorrow, being the 12th of the month, [ profile] hobbituk has reminded me that we are going to do a mini version of the observation day, and post about our day - do feel free to join us - your ordinary day is fascinating to everyone else!
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In the past couple of days we have read the following;

On the Guardian website re Serena Williams win at Wimbledon - 'Serena wins the title after two sets of surgery'.

On the Sky TV Guide, tonight we see that BBC Parliament is showing 'Localised Child Grooming Committee'...!

And on Friday, when the island had our extra public holiday to celebrate the Jubilee, it being the day after Tynwald Day and so giving us a 4 day weekend, it was very, very wet. Our local on-line news was doing its best to keep us up to date with what was and wasn't cancelled. We learnt that 'The Village Party in Kirk Michael will go ahead, indoors, but the parade through the village by the fire station has been cancelled.'

Yesterday, on the other hand was sunny. I thought both friends in the rain, and those whose gardens have been wilted by the heat, might like to see the first rose, the nasturtiums, and a visitor )
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I should have posted this picture the day I took it, but I got sidetracked.

This is what midsummer's day looked like, in the early afternoon, here on the island.

Midsummer in Port Erin...

There is actually a tower on that headland. Honestly. You can see it in this picture that I took a few weeks ago. But the mist was hiding it on June 21st.

I think it could be said that it was not quite summer solstice weather.

Secondly - I have added a couple of fuchsias to the front of the house )

And thirdly - Shirebound was asking about childhood treasures and memories - I will post mine later - either later tonight, or tomorrow.
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