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I have three things to share with you - One is inspirational, another makes me just want to beat someone's head against a wall, and the third is a gloriously silly WTF moment!

Thing 1. The first thing is an article posted by the BBC World Service. It just wonderful, inspiring, fascinating - and also has some of the most wonderful photographs I've seen. I could just look at THIS for ages.

Also - I have just got to include something like that into a story somewhere.


Thing 2. This is about a very, very, ignorant man who actually managed to make it to being Mayor of Swindon. There have been reports in a number of the newspapers, and on the BBC, about him being asked to apologise for something he said in a 'semi-public' place - i.e. a training meeting for councillors.

What he said was shocking in itself - what was worse was that he really didn't seem to understand why he was asked to apologise. Read more... )

And Thing 3; Today I got an e-mail from Amazon about something that was part of an order I made a couple of days ago, explaining that

Unfortunately, due to delivery restrictions on such items, we won’t be able to send you this item and have cancelled it from your order. This is because this item contains flammable, pressurised, corrosive, environmentally hazardous or otherwise harmful substances classified as dangerous goods under the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air.

Although the amount of these substances in these products is usually quite limited, these products need to be transported in a certain way to ensure that they are handled with care and are therefore assigned to a specialist carrier. Unfortunately this means that we can’t dispatch this to any destination outside of mainland UK.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused and hope to see you again soon.

What do you think I might have been ordering? It sounds dangerous, doesn't it?

Actually it was a bottle of Avon Skin so Soft in a non-pressurised pump action bottle. I only added it to the Amazon order as there wasn't anything else I wanted from Avon at the moment.

That seems pretty silly in itself - but the rest of the order arrived in the post this morning - including this... Which is a high pressurised container of a rather more likely substance to be any or all of the above!
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I actually have taken some pics for my series of 'Manx Parish Churches' - I'll sort them for tomorrow or the day after, probably.

But firstly I took this picture on Sunday - the sign belongs to the nursery group who use the building - it seems a bit ambitious to me!

Writing Area
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As some of you might know, the guys from Jorvik declared that 'the ragnar will be röking on Saturday' when it will be Ragnarök (otherwise known as the Twilight of the Gods).

In honour of the end of the world as we know it [ profile] brutti_ma_buoni suggested If you feel like noodling at a Apocalyptic ficlet, drabble, poem, quick sketch or fanmix or something, shall we? Any fandom welcome, or none.

One of the prompts was
Prompt: any fandom, any character/pairing, the song of the twilight of the gods

I should be getting on with my B2ME story - but I was easily distracted...

Tolkien, Manwë, the song of the twilight of the gods. )
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I am procrastinating. I have a story to write for Back to Middle Earth Month, and it is all in my head - the characters, the story line, the beginning, the end. But actually getting all those pictures and scenes converted into words that sit nicely on the screen... I am procrastinating.

And I procrastinate, in part, by reading things I know and love, or things that have been recommended, but sometimes by rooting around in The Pit of Voles, reading the summaries.

There are some summaries that appeal - and about 1/2 of these turn out to be stories that I actually enjoy - like finding a truffle. But I can spend hours reading summaries and deciding not to read the stories - see, procrastinating.

Now and again there are summaries that simply make me smile.

And so, after spending much of two days off work at the beginning of the week procrastinating in that fashion, there are three or four summaries that I would really like to share. If you are interested Read more... )

I'm pretty sure that none of those were written by anyone I know. If so, I'm sorry for smiling - but perhaps you might like to look at that summary again.

There was also a story with an interesting premise, of which I read a few chapters, but I gave up because I got the giggles every time the writer called the ruling house of Rohan 'The House of Erol'...

As for the B2ME story - well there are now 308 words written... But there are about another 3 weeks to go, and I always find the first few paragraphs to be the worst, so it actually will be finished in time, I reckon!
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I was looking for something on google and followed a link to a church's on-line version of its regular magazine.

The front page made me laugh out loud - which I am sure was not the intention.

Does anyone else, apart from S2c and I, find Oakwood Methodist Church's June 2010 magazine front page hilariously funny due to the juxtaposition of the photo of a church event and the Biblical text?

ETA - as only some people can access the page I have, thanks to the Winter Witch, copied it under this cut... )
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There is a programme on TV sometime over this week that asks what happened to Jesus' foreskin? Was it preserved? Is it preserved somewhere as a relic?

Well I've just heard of something that would certainly out-do that as a relic...

I visited my Mum today and she told me of a conversation yesterday with a friend.

Her friend's daughter is studying childcare and is on a placement in a nursery at the moment. They had their traditional Nativity last week and Chloe had the following conversation with a very small girl of about 3 or 4.

VSG; "What happened to the shell?"

Chloe; "Shell? Um - what shell?"

VSG; "Jesus's shell."

Chloe; "???"

VSG; "From his egg."

Chloe; "???"

VSG; "You know... we just sung a song about it. Mary laid him in the manger. So what happened to the shell?"

I guess it could be another all-penguin AU?
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Friends from the Buffy fandom might be amused by this explanation, from the Washington Post, of why some Americans eat sweeties/candy with their main course on Thanksgiving...

For many, the Thanksgiving meal must include sweet potatoes with marshmallows. The happy marriage of the tuber with caramelized, gooey goodness owes itself to two developments of the 1800s. In the late part of the century, in the decades when the national Thanksgiving holiday took hold, Northerners discovered sweet potatoes — long eaten in the South — and incorporated them into the special meal.

Meanwhile, marshmallows had been recently invented by those culinary trendsetters, the French, who beat the roots of the marshmallow plant with egg whites and sugar to make a chewy treat. Handmade and something of a luxury at first, marshmallows became more affordable after entrepreneurs substituted more widely available gelatin for marshmallow root and, in an era that was developing mass production techniques more generally, figured out how to manufacture an affordable product on a grand scale. In 1917, the Angelus Marshmallows Company distributed a recipe booklet that taught Americans how they might use marshmallows. With that, the classic pairing had arrived.


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Anyone else see this picture of David Tennant as Richard 2nd and think it looks as if his style icon is Thranduil'? (Possibly on a bad hair day?)

(Picture courtesy of the Independent.)
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We are having some very nice weather at the moment. When my sister organised a church outing, yesterday, for afternoon tea in the cafe at the top of our only mountain, it might have been expected to be the only cloudy day in the week - but no! The sun shone!

My sister and I, and Dawn, our new minister, decided to travel from Douglas to the station at Laxey, where you get onto the Snaefell Mountain Railway 'trams', on the even older Manx Electric Railway, so more or less making a day of it.

So there are a lot of photos under the cut of the views from the top, one or two people, the Snaefell Mountain Railway - and a couple of odd notices I came across as we waited to change trams...

A Grand Day Out.... )

Today was a special service in church, and I have photos, but I'll share them in a day or two.

Oh - and an enormous hurrah! of joy and relief for Andy Murray.
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Friends who are members of [ profile] photo_scavenger will have seen this picture already - but I am sharing because it amuses me - and I thought the reason might amuse some of you, too.

This is a recyclable shopping bag from M&S.

mordor bag...

I really like the sentiment expressed.

And yet, to me, it is my Mordor bag - because every time I look at it I think of Boromir - even though it would be a misquote - and my brain goes 'One Cannot simply walk into Marks and Spencer...'
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