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Starting with the second part of my subject line, [ profile] gillo posted a link to þā Engliscan Wikipǣdie!

This is not a Wiki page about Old English - it is Wikipedia written in Old English/Anglo Saxon. Anyone interested in languages will love it - as will any of my Tolkienrim friends with an interest in the Rohirrim.

Secondly - I have continued with the 'new recipe a month' project. This is another one from all those Good Food magazines D-d treated me to last year. Nothing very complicated, but certainly tasty and worth repeating, this month I made bacon & ricotta oven-baked frittata.

Very easy to make, clear instructions, and it came out just as it should. Look.... )

My back is a lot better now, too. I am still treating it with a lot of care though.
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Thank you to everyone for the birthday greetings, gifts to my journal, e-cards and hard-copy cards that I received yesterday. I really do love that my birthday gets so much more celebrating since I joined LJ.

S2C bought me the Blu-ray mega extended boxed set of Lord of the Rings - this should keep me occupied for a month or two. D-d gave me a beautiful new jumper and also took me out for afternoon tea to celebrate properly.

And there was a bracelet from my Mum, a very, very, nice silver and grey scarf and some black and silver glass earrings from [ profile] dougalsservant, and a couple of other bits from a couple of friends.

Afternoon tea was very good - just the two of us as S2C had just had his first shift back at work and was in bed asleep.

Fist came a selection of sandwiches served with crisps and a good, mustardy, potato salad.

afternoon tea 001

And then came scones with jam and cream, mince pies, and Victoria sponge;

afternoon tea 004

I know I look a bit worried in the background there - I always do when someone else has the camera!

So - a day well celebrated.
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Yesterday evening S2C, D-d and I went out for a meal with a friend from a very long time ago. When we lived in the NE of England we had a group of friends with whom we played D&D every week. One of that group, whose mother used to babysit D-d when she was a baby, was visiting the island for TT with friends and got in touch.

So we three, and Alan and the two friends he was camping with, met at our favourite Chinese restaurant and had a lovely evening. One of the guys did something I've never thought of doing in a Chinese restaurant - he had lobster.

I thought you might like to see it -

Chinese lobster!

It was, he says, as yummy as it looks.

My Char Sui with Chinese leaves and fried rice was very yummy too - but I only took a picture of the lobster.

We were amazed to find that the old D&D group still meets every Wednesday - so it has been going strong for well over 30 years!
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Friday was our 27th wedding anniversary - how time flies when you are having fun.

As S2C was off work we went out for a meal to his favourite local Indian restaurant - I had Mannoor Kozhi Masala - which is a South Indian thick chicken curry with cashews. There is a picture of it under here... )

After that embarrassingly empty fridge on Saturday morning, I went to Tescos - and we finally have blossom on the trees and new leaves beginning to unfurl. here is a picture taken in the supermarket carpark... )

For our wedding anniversary D-d bought us a milk jug to match our teapot, and the cups, saucers, plates etc. that we treated ourselves to on our Silver Wedding - as both she and her dad agreed that if you have a nice tea-pot you really need the matching milk jug.

So this afternoon I made us all a proper Sunday Tea - with sandwiches, fruit loaf, freshly baked scones and a Victoria sandwich. There's a picture under this cut... )

At Sunday School we have been considering what an imperfect family Abraham's was - and how God loved them anyway; today we were looking at the story of Jacob's Ladder. Which is something that really does lend itself to a re-creation with gingerbread men.... )

As I stood in Sunday School looking out the window something caught my eye - the primroses are in bloom, and some of them are growing in a rather odd place Look.... )
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This is especially for [ profile] cairistiona7 and her husband - he was very worried, at the state of my fridge in the previous post, that S2C and I were in danger of starving to death...

But I have now been shopping so it looks a bit healthier;

fridge after shopping

There are extra flavours of yoghurt, blueberries, a couple of mangoes in the door shelf, cooked meats, different cheeses,fish, sausages, bacon, chicken, salads, rhubarb, asparagus, other vegetables, a selection of fruit juices...

Also worth remembering is that we also live within 5 minutes walk of a small supermarket that sells fresh fruit and veg, fresh meat, bread, dairy and so on...
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Firstly - the back; it is much better - just the odd twinge on standing from sitting and if I am not careful bending or twisting.

Secondly - the fridge magnets;
I was asked for some close-ups and I have put them below this cut... )

And a final picture, taken this morning to amuse you, of the contents of the fridge...

A bit Mother Hubbard....

Yep - two plain yoghurts, two corner yoghurts, a small bowl of cooked rice, a small amount of cheese, a jar of goose-fat and a Co-op ready cooked mini beef-joint, which is my emergency food for putting with veg from the freezer, or making hot beef sandwiches... other than that it is really a bit like Mother Hubbard's cupboard!

You have to bear in mind that I was going to go shopping after work on Thursday, but didn't because of my back, and didn't do any shopping yesterday as S2C and I were going out for a meal - I really am going to go to Tescos in a few minutes, honestly.
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A few pictures to illustrate the week.

Actually the first one is from last Sunday. It was the church AGM - and like most such, it is necessary, but not a lot of people want to be bothered attending. So we have the bribe of a free lunch... home made soup, with bread, and dessert - under the cut is a picture of the pudding as it was very pretty.

Meringue... )

On Tuesday I was on my way to do a couple of home visits down south, and stopped in Castletown to eat my sandwich lunch.

This is the view across the harbour to the castle -

More pics... )

Wednesday evening and my sister e-mailed me with the news of my niece's engagement - a nice thing. But it must have distracted me because within ten minutes of getting that news I had managed to break the catch on the back gate when I went to take the bin in, and then snap the handle on one of the kitchen cupboards!

The cupboards have been there for about 15 or 16 years - S2C fitted them himself. So getting a matching handle was not an option. I must admit that a couple of times I have thought that new handles would 'modernise' the whole kitchen, but I never got further than a vague thought. But now it has to be done - because one odd handle would look very odd. So I have been to B&Q and bought 14 new handles... 13 to use, and a spare.

I have taken a picture showing the first new handle in place, replacing the broken one, with the old one on the next cupboard -

what do you think? )

It was a tiring week at work because I had another nurse with me - and somehow explaining what you are doing, as you do it, is twice as tiring as doing it - even though I do really quite enjoy explaining, too. So,; the last clinic of the week was on Friday, in Ramsey. The other nurse headed back south when we finished, but I was meeting friends for an early evening dinner in Ramsey.

I thought I would sit and read for half an hour before going to meet them - and I managed to fall asleep! Just shows it was a tiring week. I was only about 15 minutes late, thankfully, and had a very nice meal at The Harbour Bistro. Had I been more alert I would have taken a picture of my rum-flavoured creme caramel so that this post would be bookended by puddings - but sadly I forgot...
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I hope you have all had a good Easter Weekend.

Under the cut are a few pictures ranging, as my subject line says, from a rough sea to a chocolate trifle! Also a couple of pictures of my Easter Eggs...

Click here for the pics... )
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Much love to all the other Mums on my friends' list - I know the Moms get their day later in the year, but we celebrate Mothering Sunday today, the mid-point of Lent.

I have had a very special day - I will share a few pictures under the cut.

First was church - a special service as Mothering Sunday is part of the church calendar, not just a secular celebration. Traditionally the children and their leaders take this service at our church - so I was leading, and it all went well. Some churches make little posies for the mothers in the congregation, but we have a big basket of chocolate to give to the mothers - it was nice to have D-d there to take some for me!

After church came my special treat. A steam-train trip and lunch, especially for Mothering Sunday.

I'll cut here for pics of the train... )

And now I have chocolate and honey cake to nibble on through the evening - all in all a very nice day.
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Gosh - it's nearly a week since Valentine's Day, and I have a picture I took then that I posted in [ profile] photo_scavenger but forgot to post here.

So starting with that one; S2C got me a card and a chocolate heart - I hadn't got him anything similar, but I had the day off work so I took him to The Hawthorn for lunch. I really should have taken a picture of my creole cod with stir fried vegetables as it was very pretty - but I didn't...

However I did take a picture outside the pub that shows that spring is trying to arrive already...Read more... )

Actually, after lunch I took him to one of his favourite places - the local computer shop. Because, while in spring a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of love, those of a middle-aged man turn to thoughts of ultra-books and similar. Where he actually found a new computer desk that he really likes! After using a rather wobbly white metal one for the past twelve or thirteen years. This one is black metal and glass, more stylish, more stable, and fits in with the rest of the room much better.

Pic.... )

And now for a few I took yesterday, just because it was a lovely day. It was actually cold enough overnight to require de-icing of the car to go to work - but very quickly it became bright and sunny, and although the temperature never did get above about 8 -9C there was no wind to speak of, everything was still; so it felt warmer as we are used to an almost permanent chill factor all winter!

I took one especially for photo-scavenger - the theme this week is 'time' - I'll let you guess which one!

Quite a few pictures of a nice day... )

Today was a much greyer day, and windy. But at least yesterday reminded us that spring could well be on the way.
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