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This is the cake from yesterday's post, now it has been cut into;


It was clearly a hit - she passed on an e-mail that said "Full marks to your mum – epic cake!"
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Tomorrow is D-d's birthday. We are going out for a meal and so she won't be home to have cake.

But during conversation on Sunday, when she took me out for lunch, I managed to volunteer to make her one to take to work with her. And then there was this, well it was more a pattern than a recipe, that I wanted to try...

So under the cut is a step by step of cake construction. Read more... )

It's a good job I did it last night - my back is playing up this evening and I really wouldn't have had the patience.
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You know you are getting old when your daughter is adult enough to be asked by her best friend's father to ratify his new passport photo.

Also - you know you are getting old when an e-mail to said daughter receives an automated reply telling you that, if your e-mail is urgent, you can contact her secretary.

On the other hand she is still young enough to want to come around tomorrow for pancakes...
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The second part of the post of my daughter's pictures of Sark are below the cut. They feature the garden of the Seigneurie, the traditional home of the feudal lord of the island. There are a couple of lovely pictures. You can tell it has been a nice autumn down in the Channel Islands when you look at the pictures and remember she took them on 6th October.

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D-d is enjoying herself in Guernsey. A slight mix-up with the taxi sent to collect her at the airport found her at the wrong hotel briefly, but it was easily sorted, and she is now settling in. The office staff are all very welcoming, and she is already making new friends.

Dishwashers? Well our 10 year old Zanussi was getting past it - various bits had broken, or dropped off, and we decided it was time to replace it. I went to a local showroom carrying something very important for this task - one of our dinner plates! When we got new crockery for our 25th wedding anniversary we made sure the dinner plates were no bigger in diameter than the old ones - mainly so they would fit into the cupboard. But the angle of rim to base was different - and they couldn't stand properly in the old dishwasher without the rotating arm hitting them. We've had to basically lie them down, and it meant no more than three dinner plates in any wash.

Anyway, the lady in the showroom was surprised by me bringing out a plate - until we tried it in the first dishwasher and... ping, the same thing happened! But the plates fit into the rather cheap and basic Baumatic perfectly. So it is now in situ and working well.

But this led to a discussion at work about dishwashers - and I was surprised to find others saying their dishwashers scratch their glasses - and these are newer dishwashers than our late Zanussi. Neither that one, or the new one, in any way scratch the glasses.

We use Fairy all in one tablets, no salt, no rinse-aid or anything else - and I genuinely didn't realise that anyone still got scratched glassware from putting it into a dishwasher.

So - does your dishwasher scratch your glassware? I am genuinely curious.
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I've just been down to the airport to see my daughter off. Not travel for fun this time, although she hopes she enjoys it, but a secondment from work to their Guernsey office for three months.

She was really pleased to be asked, as usually it is more senior staff who get to travel - but someone in Guernsey, who has worked with her here, asked particularly as they said what they really needed was someone junior but capable. The company have arranged all her travel and provided her with accommodation, and the people who work there have already sent her a lot of friendly, welcoming, e-mails, inviting her to social events- so she expects to really enjoy it.

In her usual, organised, fashion she has got a work friend who still lives with his parents to flat-sit; she will continue to pay the rent, as her accommodation in Guernsey is provided, but he will pay all the other bills, forward all her mail, and keep the place aired. He is looking forward to it as it will be peaceful for him to revise for his bar exams and he is also looking after her car as he doesn't have his own - he has paid to go onto the insurance for the 3 months.

So nothing for me to do except take her to the airport today, and pick her up on her return.

Trying to get enough work-wear and casual wear for 3 months into a suitcase was something of a task though, and her big suitcase is quite heavy... so one of mine is off on its travels without me, again! I can see her either having to buy another case and pay for extra baggage on her return (as I can't imagine her not buying anything, especially as Guernsey is VAT-free), or there being a lot of stuff posted home.

For friends who have no idea where Guernsey is - here is a link - as you can see it is a rather beautiful small island near the French coast. She will be staying in one of these apartments which are right in the middle of St Peter Port and about 5 minutes walk from the office.

I'm hoping it will be a really good learning experience and fun, too. And she'll be home for Christmas.

But, as usual, I'll only feel totally at ease once I know she has landed there!
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I'm still in London - last day today - home tomorrow.

So - Monday's trip to Kensington Palace was very interesting - I will post some pictures once I get back to the laptop as my tablet doesn't have a slot to upload from the camera card. There was an exhibition of dresses belonging to the Queen, Princess Margaret, and Dead Di - I am hoping there are some nice pictures on the card!

We had afternoon tea, and walked to the Royal Albert Hall, where we had seats right up in the gods, for a classic prom, and then, also, for the Six Music prom which featured the London Sinfonietta and The Stranglers, amongst others!

Tuesday saw us up bright and early again - tube into town and then a visit to the Churchill War Rooms, followed by a pause in St James Park, and then a visit to the Banqueting House where actors were 'rehearsing for a great masque' - which was fun.

Thence to the Covent Garden area, a meal, and to Mathilda. Which was excellent and worth every penny of the very high ticket price!

Yesterday we went to the Wallace Collection - a wonderful collection of works of art, porcelain, furniture and an armoury. This included a break for lunch in their rather excellent café - and then back to the hotel for D-d to collect her case and head for London City airport, as she was flying home last night and due back to work this morning.

I pottered off to Waitrose to get a couple of bits to eat in my room and laze around.

Then began a series of messages - the airport at home was suffering fog problems some planes were being turned around, her flight might be delayed... Eventually she ended up in the Gatwick Hilton, and is hopefully in the air now on her way home! She seems to have an affinity for the Gatwick Hilton - I think this is the third time BA have put her up there.

I'm heading out now to see what the queues are like at both the Natural History Museum and the V&A and take it from there...

Train back up to Lancaster tomorrow, and boat home.
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Just checking in, to say that I had an excellent time with some excellent people at Writerconuk in Coventry, and am now having a few days with D-d in London.

We are staying close to the Natural History Museum, in a rather nice hotel. Last night, as I'd just travelled down from Coventry and D-d had been at a wedding on Saturday, flown in on Sunday morning and met up with her friend from uni before coming to the hotel, we ate in the hotel - and were truly stuffed.

This morning we had a light breakfast and then walked over to Kensington Palace - we had free tickets from our hotel - and it was excellent. Apart from the usual exhibits there was a special one of clothes belonging to The Queen, Princess Margaret, and Dead Di. There will be pictures....

D-d decided to explore Kensington Gardens - I decided to spend a little time in the Natural History Museum, especially to see the portrait of Alfred Russell Wallace who is now given his rightful place beside Darwin. But there was almost a 1 hour queue to get in - so I'm afraid I didn't bother!

We are going to have afternoon tea in a few minutes and then pause, briefly, before walking to the Royal Albert Hall to see 2 proms - prom number 39, Holst, Nishat Khan, and Vaughn Williams, and then prom 40 - the Six Music prom, featuring Cerys Matthews, Laura Marling, and The Stranglers.

I'll report back.... but it might not be until Wednesday, as tomorrow's plan looks to be The Churchill Rooms, The Banqueting House (where Charles First was beheaded) - and we are going to the theatre to see Matilde.
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I said I would see if there were any official Labyrinth pictures. I did find one of some of the cast but it wasn't terribly good, however I now have some of D-d's own photos of the whole Castle Rushen Unlocked experience which Labyrinth was part of.

So, there are quite a few pictures Under this cut... )

The group that came together to perform enjoyed it so much that they are now trying to work out what else they can do at this, or one of the other, National Heritage sites.
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I mentioned briefly, yesterday, that I had been to something called Labyrinth at Castle Rushen.

This is an attempt to give you a flavour and record it for myself, as cameras were not allowed (and would have been very distracting), and so if I don't make a written record I will forget much of it!

Castle Rushen is one of the finest medieval castles in the British Isles - you can read more about it here - and here is a picture from across the harbour

Castle Rushen and harbour

and an aerial one -

Labyrinth was part of a week long series of events called Castle Rushen Unlocked. It took place almost entirely in that central towered keep, which has lots of rooms, and a circular staircase in each tower as well as a larger central one. We, as the audience, moved at a fair speed from room to room up and down these staircases, as different scenes from the castle's history were played out in different rooms.

Read more... )

I am hoping D-d may have access to some pictures. The promotional video trailer is here if you would like to see it.
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