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The great snowstorms sweeping across the British Isles have swept across the bottom half of the small island - blown by steady 35mph winds. It began to snow at 9am. It snowed almost constantly until 5pm - and not a single flake has stuck below about 1,000ft. I am really quite disappointed as I am a bit of a big kid when it snows - at least for the first couple of days.

I do, still, send warm wishes, mugs of virtual hot chocolate, woolly blankets and so on to those of you who are knee-deep in snow and feeling the need to cuddle up by the fire. I hope you are all enjoying the weather rather than finding it makes life too difficult.

And now for something completely different.

Across the Atlantic, The New York Daily News went out to find Mr Perfect after revealing the results of a survey by an online dating site into what women look for in a man. They reckon that they've found him - and guess what? He's a Manxman. Actually his father taught me French at school and I can vaguely remember him as a small child...
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This is simply an observation that today's date has something about it that none of us here are ever going to witness again. It is, of course, 12.12.12.

And there is no such date as 13.13.13 so the next date of this type with be the next time the world reaches 01.01.01.

Of course, for many of us, there is still one date with a lot in common with this one; 20.12.2012 - but the Americans on my FL won't share that one with the rest of us as you write your dates down in an illogical order!
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I've got a day off today. Hurrah! I popped into my hairdresser to see if there was any chance of a cut and blow-dry today or tomorrow - and was told she could fit me in in about 15 minutes, if I'd like to wait.

Excellent! So I sat and read a Good Food magazine. And I have learnt three things -

Firstly that, although stollen topped mince pies sound wonderful, four of them together would contain a whole day's worth of calories...

Secondly that there are some things in life that I am never likely to need - I am never going to have the lifestyle that would require me to use place-holders on my table so that guests know where to sit. Any guests would already know to sit within reach of the food...

Thirdly that there are some gifts that could be a step too far for some people; you can buy someone a rare-breed piglet and they will receive regular pictures of it and can go and visit it regularly - you know, like sponsoring a tiger-cub or whatever. But once their piglet reaches a certain weight it then comes to them - in a series of nicely packaged portions ready for the table or the freezer...
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Today, like most churches in The British Isles (those in Eire possibly being an exception), we held a special service of Remembrance for all those who have died in wars, both in the last century and this one, both servicemen and women and those who had no choice because war came to them.

As we do every year, we read out the names of those members of our congregation killed in the two World Wars, and were quietly grateful that our congregation has lost no-one to war since.

As we did this, the children 'planted' the poppies we made last week into the 'cornfield' that they also made last week - one for each of those named on our memorial, one for servicemen who have died since, one for servicemen who are still serving, and one for the others, men, women and children, caught up in conflict.

poppies in a cornfield

Then I spoke for a few minutes, particularly aimed at the children and young people.

I have put what I said under a cut, for length.

One Young Man )

Later we were talking about the Poppy Appeal, which raises money for ex-servicemen. Last year they raised £38m. One of the teenagers pointed out that that would be enough to buy 'a pretty good football player'. It kind of puts our priorities into perspective, doesn't it?
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Can I just record how much I love Kimi Raikonnen. S2C - if you are reading this and don't want to know why, as it would be a spoiler for the result of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, read no further....
Firstly when the people on the team radio try to give him car information, and just how he should proceed now that he is in the lead, he says "Go away and stop bothering me - I know what I am doing here!" Followed, when they were discussing making sure he kept all four tyres equal whilst behind the safety car, by "Yes, yes, yes, I know all about having four tyres...."

Then he has just been asked for his feelings as he stood on the podium for the first time since he came back to F1 after 2 years rallying... "Not much really. Last time I was here I was given shit for not smiling enough - probably still not smiling enough for you."

DC tried again only to get "OK I'm happy, but it's nothing to jump around about. I'm just happy for the team." DC gave up trying to get wild enthusiasm after that.
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Actually my icon should say less sane than an emu on acid to be anywhere near accurate for this post...

About 30 minutes ago I commented to S2C that doubtless certain elements of American society would be blaming the effects of Hurricane/Storm/Meteorological Description of Choice Sandy on President Obama.

But wait... it's even better than that! I have found this article in the Independent.

I quote the opening paragraph;

Who's to blame for Hurricane Sandy? Why, Obama and Romney, of course! So says the TV evangelist John McTernan, who calls the storm God's response to the fact that "both candidates are pro-homosexual and behind the homosexual agenda". It's difficult to know what's weirder: his understanding of meteorology, or his grasp of the Romney-Ryan social platform.

Both candidates are to blame! Really - you couldn't make it up, could you?
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Here's wishing good luck to my friends on the East Coast of the USA awaiting the arrival of the Big Storm.

I hope you are all hunkered down, have food, water, lots to read, and are allowed a couple of days off work to sit it out!
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I've spent the evening listening to Steeleye Span on YouTube whilst reading and doing some beta-ing.

I simply clicked onto someone's '100 favourite Steeleye Span videos', and mainly left it in the background - going over to watch now and again. Which I did a couple of tracks ago - Gaudete. And saw the following comment; "Nice song but 'Gow-Day-Tay'? How ridiculous a pronunciation is that?"

Now I'm wondering how else one one would pronounce it?
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Hmm - well life, anyway.

The good -
  • work has been busy, but in a good way. I've been teaching and it tires me out - I have nothing but admiration for those of you who do it full-time.
  • S2C and I went out for a very good dinner last night - and then met D-d to go to see comedian Milton Jones.  The tickets were her birthday present to her Dad - and were an excellent gift as we all enjoyed him very much.  Although there was a woman behind us who could have got employment as a one-person laughter track for TV sitcoms...
  • I have been busy wrapping shoe-boxes to send Christmas gifts to the children of the Chernobyl area, where life is still blighted by the events of 26th April 1986 - no, not our wedding, the other events of that day!
The bad -
  • Those of you who are friends of S2C will know that he went to the opticians for his routine check-up yesterday, knowing his sight was getting worse, and that he would doubtless need new glasses, only to be told that the deterioration in his right eye was so great since last time that the optician is very worried about it and wants to do more tests.  As S2C's eyesight has always been very poor (both D-d and I are used to cries for help if he puts his glasses down somewhere and then they fall, or he moves a little - without them he cannot see anything), then deterioration that worries our optician worries us too.
  • The weather this summer has been so bad that the turnip harvest has failed at the 'folk village' of Cregneash - children who would usual attend the fun-days making traditional turnip lanterns for 31st October (hop-tu-naa to us), are being told to bring their own turnip if they can find one... or any other large root vegetable they might be able to hollow out!  Can you imagine a spooky lantern made out of a carrot?
  • I almost didn't get home from work tonight as so many of the roads between Douglas and Peel were flooded - and I'd got stuck on the Peel side of the floods.  But I did - so perhaps this belongs in 'Good'!
The ugly -
  • The guy who was the support act last night.  Well not so much down right ugly, as really not very good.  Really, really, not very good.  He was called Hal Cruttenden - avoid him if you can, I think.
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At the beginning of 2011 there was something of a scandal on the small island - a GP was summarily removed from a practice by his partners with no notice, and no explanation except to reassure everyone that it had nothing to do with his medical skills.

There were rumours of theft, or sexual shenanigans, he was interviewed by the police; and then it went quiet and he disappeared off the radar.

However, this morning, on the local news we found out what had been going on back then, from reports of his hearing in front of the Medical Practitioners Tribunal of the General Medical Council.

Here is a link to the story.

Read down to his apology in the next to last paragraph - clearly his laptop drove him to it... it tempted him... he couldn't resist...

S2C is now worried in case his ever exerts such influence over him one night, as he does sometimes take it to work to write in his breaks.
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