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We have had a week of glorious weather - dry, calm, sunny, and warm for us although I know [ profile] pondhopper would think it cold! (We have had daytime temperatures of 16-22C.)

I spent a lot of the week helping do 'teas' at church for all our motorcycling visitors, and there are one or two pictures under this cut )

But I think I mixed one to many cakes by hand, and carried one too many heavy things, as my left shoulder and arm became very painful and more or less non-functional. This has happened before - this is the third time in maybe 18 years and it is not only painful, but incapacitating as I am left handed. The worst problems are that it makes typing difficult - so no writing, and that it makes it impossible for me to sleep well - if I lie on that side it hurts, if I lie on the other side then there doesn't seem to be anywhere to put it comfortably - and the only place I can sleep much is, weirdly, on the settee. And this annoys S2C as he feels that if I am on the settee he needs to be very quiet, lower the lights, etc. - even though I tell him that I am so tired that it honestly makes no difference.

Last night I actually slept in the single bed in D-d's old room - this seemed to help a bit. And I have applied heat pads, taken regular ibuprofen, rubbed voltarol emulgel into it, and now have my mum's TENS machine... and, as you can tell by the amount of typing here, it is recovering. If the last couple of times are anything to go by it could be a week or two for it to get close to normal, but at least it is usable now!

And, as I couldn't bake or help at church yesterday, D-d and I went out to lunch, over at Niarbyl, and ate seafood salads whilst gazing out to sea - but I fear there are no pictures!
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Friday was our 27th wedding anniversary - how time flies when you are having fun.

As S2C was off work we went out for a meal to his favourite local Indian restaurant - I had Mannoor Kozhi Masala - which is a South Indian thick chicken curry with cashews. There is a picture of it under here... )

After that embarrassingly empty fridge on Saturday morning, I went to Tescos - and we finally have blossom on the trees and new leaves beginning to unfurl. here is a picture taken in the supermarket carpark... )

For our wedding anniversary D-d bought us a milk jug to match our teapot, and the cups, saucers, plates etc. that we treated ourselves to on our Silver Wedding - as both she and her dad agreed that if you have a nice tea-pot you really need the matching milk jug.

So this afternoon I made us all a proper Sunday Tea - with sandwiches, fruit loaf, freshly baked scones and a Victoria sandwich. There's a picture under this cut... )

At Sunday School we have been considering what an imperfect family Abraham's was - and how God loved them anyway; today we were looking at the story of Jacob's Ladder. Which is something that really does lend itself to a re-creation with gingerbread men.... )

As I stood in Sunday School looking out the window something caught my eye - the primroses are in bloom, and some of them are growing in a rather odd place Look.... )
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Much love to all the other Mums on my friends' list - I know the Moms get their day later in the year, but we celebrate Mothering Sunday today, the mid-point of Lent.

I have had a very special day - I will share a few pictures under the cut.

First was church - a special service as Mothering Sunday is part of the church calendar, not just a secular celebration. Traditionally the children and their leaders take this service at our church - so I was leading, and it all went well. Some churches make little posies for the mothers in the congregation, but we have a big basket of chocolate to give to the mothers - it was nice to have D-d there to take some for me!

After church came my special treat. A steam-train trip and lunch, especially for Mothering Sunday.

I'll cut here for pics of the train... )

And now I have chocolate and honey cake to nibble on through the evening - all in all a very nice day.
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I mentioned last week that I was baking fruit loaves and gingerbread as we had the Mariners' Choir coming to church and we needed to lay on a supper.

I meant to post you the pictures either Sunday night or Monday - but Sunday evening I was just too tired - and I wasn't a lot better on Monday.

Last night I went out for a meal with a couple of women that I was at school with - we had a lovely evening with a nice meal and a good gossip. We have decided to do it more often. It would be difficult to do it less often, as we hadn't got together like this since we all got married, despite all living back on the island for the past few years!

Today it has rained, and rained, and rained. Except on the mountain road where it, apparently, snowed. So the mountain road to the north was closed, and the coast road north was flooded in places. Guess where I had to go to see a patient? Yep - up north. Still, it isn't often a Corsa travels far with a bow-wave...

Anyway, back to the Mariners' Choir. Under the cut is a picture of the choir, and another of the food...

Read more... )

This evening there is an unmissable programme on TV, for me. The Brain Doctors. It is a documentary series about the work of the neurosurgery unit at the John Radcliffe (a very famous hospital in Oxford) and I find it fascinating. But I have to admit that last week's episode gave me the giggles! One of the neurosurgeons has almost exactly the same Christian name as I do - just that hers is Scots Gaelic, mine the Manx version - sounds almost the same, spelt differently. And her attitude to parenthood was so like mine that I e-mailed D-d and told her to watch it on the iPlayer.

The doctor's son is 10 - she commented that he had reminded her last week that some 'shop-talk' over dinner is probably not suitable with 'Mum! I'm only 10!' And that she tends to send him to school unless he is so ill he probably needs to be hospitalised... 'Doctors and nurses are not sympathetic parents - we hold little truck with minor ailments!' And her final comment, to prove this point, as her son sat eating his dinner was 'He looked as if he had broken a finger last week. So we've just strapped it to the next one for a month.'

Oh yes - it was like listening to me when D-d was that age! Except that she tended to break toes regularly - and after the second lot of X-rays we just gave up bothering to go to A&E.

Still, she seems to have turned out well enough - and I'm sure Mhairi Speirs' son will do just as well.

So - must go and make coffee, go to the loo, and get myself settled to watch. Good job S2C has gone to bed (work last night but not tonight) as he absolutely hates anything like this.
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I don't have a picture... yet. I was so much in the middle of things that I didn't take one - but I know a couple of people who did :)

However - for your delectation - the write-up of this year's Nativity service.

After the lighting of the advent ring by a new little girl, an opening prayer, and the notices and so on, we swung into the Nativity proper.

One of the teenagers was the narrator and I was the go-fer! You'll see why we needed a go-fer when I explain that we began by getting the congregation to play pass-the-parcel. (I'm assuming this is a universally known party game...) Our church seating is in three blocks so we had a parcel for each block - and when the music stopped and the first people opened the parcels they found notes requesting them to take the parts of Mary, Joseph, and Gabriel... I invited them up to the Sanctuary and saw to their costumes etc. whilst the congregation sang a carol.

Cut for length.. )

D-d was at church and came around later to help me put the tree up at home - which was lovely, and it is now sitting beside me looking very festive.

PS - short explanation of Pass-the-Parcel as it seems it is not universally played! For a children's party there is usually a 'prize' in the middle and then there would be lots and lots of layers to unwrap - you get to unwrap one if you have the parcel when the music stops. Sometimes there are small gifts and/or forfeits between some of the layers as well - hence the desperate urge to try to have the parcel when the music stops - if you think there might be a gift under this layer, or to get rid of it quickly before the music stops if you think there may be a forfeit.

This was a short version, with only three layers - a good 'parcel' can have 20 layers and provide entertainment for ages!
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The news from America is very sad, and there is little point in saying more than is patently obvious to most people - fewer automatic and semi-automatic weapons so easily at hand would make it harder for this sort of thing to happen.

But how sad I feel for all the families involved, who will never be able to celebrate Christmas (or similar December festival) in pure joy again.

However; today I ran a cake stall at the Church Coffee Morning, with some of the Sunday Schoolers, for Christian Aid - we think we will be able to give 4 goats and 4 hens from the baking takings!

I have been baking and making for both that and to give as gifts. I really should take some pictures - there have been mini fruit loaves, rum truffles, those white chocolate and cranberry cookies I made the dough for the other week - as well as a tray of cupcakes. I do enjoy doing it.

I have a few decorations up now, and spent time this afternoon wrapping three 'pass the parcel' parcels for our service in church tomorrow - each layer will reveal a request for the recipient to come and take a particular role in the Nativity tableau. The service (traditionally led by the Sunday School) is written, all the Bible readers have their parts, my narrator has hers, and I have pep-talked the lads who are saying the prayers... I actually like leading this service - but am always so pleased when it is over!

So - cards to write this evening but all the prep for tomorrow done.

The themes for the Decememe for yesterday and today were Christmas Tree and favourite Christmas song (Actually it said 'Holiday song' - but "Whoa! We're going to Barbados", or similar seems a bit out of season!).

The tree is under here )

And now for my favourite Christmas song; actually it is more an Advent song, but I only feel Christmas has started once we have sung this at church, and Aled Jones sings exactly the version we sing;

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It's been a busy day. But I had a lie-in, and S2C brought me coffee in bed at 9.30 - so I was well rested to start it.

Read more... )

I had intended to use a picture of one of the brilliant ornaments made by children at Messy Church but I accidentally took my camera without the memory card. This means that the pictures are on its internal memory - and I have no idea how to get them off it as I'm pretty sure I don't have a lead for this camera. Someone suggested that it is possible to transfer them from the memory to the card within the camera, but I have no idea how. Those pictures may end up just being lost for ever...

So here is a picture of some ornaments taken last Christmas, instead;

choir of the UU
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I know a lot of my friends are doing the December Meme - which I think of as the Decememe because it amuses me.

Yesterday's topic was Your View Today, I think - I have a view from yesterday under the cut, and a couple of other views, too. Yesterday's, oddly, is 'the view from the pew' - the others are more scenic!

Today is your favourite Christmas Film. I think the icon might give a clue to mine... Yes, my favourite Christmas film is the Muppets Christmas Carol.

So the views are under here )

Speaking of Advent - we had a family service in church today. Wilma, the preacher who led the service, is a grandma, and it was a lovely child friendly service - including a game of hide and seek where we had children hiding behind curtains, under the piano, behind the organist, in the pulpit... I got roped in to help look for them - and it is certainly a service they will remember! (The relevance? Advent - the season when Jesus says 'Coming... ready or not!'
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S2C has seen the eye specialist, had some tests done, and now has eye drops and ointment to use regularly - it seems as if the surface damage to his eyes is, at least in part, caused by them having become too dry. So far they seem to be helping - with his new glasses, once his drops are in, his sight is better than it was a month or two ago. So, so far, so good.

In other news, winter is icumen in... last night it was below freezing for the first time this winter - this morning I needed to scrape the ice off the car - and tonight looks as if it will be much the same.

It really should make me feel festive and all ready to prepare for Christmas - and I am trying. I am ready to go into church on Saturday morning and decorate the Advent ring; I have bought D-d an Advent Calendar, and one for the Sunday Schoolers; I have some craft stuff ready for Messy Christmas at church...

But as for making cards and so on - I fear I haven't done any. You might get bought ones this year...
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Today, like most churches in The British Isles (those in Eire possibly being an exception), we held a special service of Remembrance for all those who have died in wars, both in the last century and this one, both servicemen and women and those who had no choice because war came to them.

As we do every year, we read out the names of those members of our congregation killed in the two World Wars, and were quietly grateful that our congregation has lost no-one to war since.

As we did this, the children 'planted' the poppies we made last week into the 'cornfield' that they also made last week - one for each of those named on our memorial, one for servicemen who have died since, one for servicemen who are still serving, and one for the others, men, women and children, caught up in conflict.

poppies in a cornfield

Then I spoke for a few minutes, particularly aimed at the children and young people.

I have put what I said under a cut, for length.

One Young Man )

Later we were talking about the Poppy Appeal, which raises money for ex-servicemen. Last year they raised £38m. One of the teenagers pointed out that that would be enough to buy 'a pretty good football player'. It kind of puts our priorities into perspective, doesn't it?
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