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More Skye...

This post is going to be rather picture heavy, and it is still only the view from the windows of The Two Byres where we stayed.

Firstly a couple to show you the house, so you can see why we had such good views;

This is the end that faces the view I posted yesterday, with my friend Anne sitting out at one of the two benches;

Skye 2014 a076

The left hand side has the bedrooms in, and smaller windows, the right hand side is the living area and kitchen and has a lot of glass; you can see a touch of red through that window on the right - it is the car parked at the other side of the building.

This was the view out of our bedroom window;

Skye 2014 a084

And here is a picture taken to show the long side of the living room;

Skye 2014 a080

On the left is the windbreak with a 'window' in it, and in the middle is another large double door of glass which opens onto a sheltered deck - so you could find shelter whichever way the wind was blowing.

And under this second cut are a selection of pictures taken of the views through the windows over the week - the light changed so much that we all kept going for our cameras and clicking!

The long wall of the house looked out across Loch Dunvegan to Dunvegan Head, across three small islands. When we first arrived it was misty and we couldn't even see the third island, let alone the headland. But then the sun came out, and then there would be interesting clouds giving interesting light, and so on...

Skye 2014 a014

Islands now a bit to the right of picture and a nice headland...

Skye 2014 a072

And the headland in a different light...

Skye 2014 a041

Nice strata.

Now the islands a little to the left of frame so you can see Dunvegan Head...

Skye 2014 a036

This is the view from the kitchen end of the house looking back towards the village of Halin;

Skye 2014 a035

And some more of those views out towards the outer Hebrides that we had from that end wall of glass...

Skye 2014 a069

Skye 2014 a039

Skye 2014 a070

And once it became dusk there was the chance of a nice sunset - this could drive three or four of us out of the house with our cameras...

Skye 2014 a043

But the results were rather good...

Skye 2014 a048

Skye 2014 a050

That's the shed of the croft next door.

And finally, I think this is my absolute favourite;

Skye 2014 a047

There are more pictures in my Flickr album, tagged Skye , if you are interested.

We actually did do more than gaze out of the windows - I have more photos to post over the next few days!