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posted by [personal profile] curiouswombat at 04:22pm on 25/03/2014 under , ,
I've got a whole week off! This is just to use up my annual leave before the end of March, which is the cut-off point for our work 'year'. So a week to do things like spending an hour in the dentist's chair, this morning, and having my hair cut on Thursday. I didn't do the weekend shopping as usual, as I knew I'd be able to do it when the supermarket was quieter on Monday.

As it was a lovely morning yesterday I decided to go for a walk up Douglas Head before going to Tesco (very close by). And I remembered to take the camera so I have a few pictures

Here is Sir William Hillary, founder of the Royal Lifeboat Institution, gazing down on the bay where he was, himself, one of the lifeboat crew;

douglas head 002

These days he looks out at the new breakwater (well, new to him, anyway - it was built about 35 years ago.)

douglas head 005

As you can see the sea had a few white horses, but the wind was dying down, so it was nice to walk around up there.

Just behind Sir William you can see a small building. Here is a slightly better picture of it...

douglas head 009

It is, as it says, a Camera Obscura. Here is a little more about it.

And yes, below it is the top of the lighthouse - it is at the bottom of the head. Here is a nice photo taken by someone from the air.

Up near the Camera Obscura there is a memorial to Lord Nelson and the Manxmen who served with him at Trafalgar -

douglas head 011

Why? You might ask. Let's do a slight detour. Here are a couple of pictures I took in Castletown a couple of years ago; firstly a rather nice door -

Castletown doorway

What's that got to do with Nelson and Trafalgar? Well here is a close-up of the plaque;

Castletown Quilliam plaque

So that Manxman took quite a major part in the battle. And there were quite a few Manxmen serving as ordinary seamen in both Victory and other ships of the line. So not quite as odd as it seems that we have a memorial to Nelson, and the Manxmen in his crews, after all.

Now - back to Douglas Head and that picture of the memorial. Can you see that there is something reflected in it? Here is what you see if you turn around -

douglas head 014

Yes - I have the reflection of a ship on the memorial stone; I was quite pleased with that! The ship in question is Manannan - that she is in the harbour is a sign of spring as she is our fast-craft and spends the winter in dock as the seas get too rough for her.

A last couple of pictures. This is Douglas' Millennium Stone -

douglas head 015

All the towns and parishes have one; they are from the millennium in 2000. You might think that anything fairly modern that commemorates a millennium will be from 2000, but we celebrated a different millennium in 1979 which was the millennium year of Tynwald - so a lot of 'Millennium' things here, like the Millennium Way are 21 years older than people expect them to be!

And finally - this is a view of Douglas from the head -

douglas head 010

It is, as you can see, a fairly ordinary small town with a mixture of old and new buildings and a working harbour - nothing terribly noteworthy.

After that, I went, as planned, to Tesco!

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