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We are having some very nice weather at the moment. When my sister organised a church outing, yesterday, for afternoon tea in the cafe at the top of our only mountain, it might have been expected to be the only cloudy day in the week - but no! The sun shone!

My sister and I, and Dawn, our new minister, decided to travel from Douglas to the station at Laxey, where you get onto the Snaefell Mountain Railway 'trams', on the even older Manx Electric Railway, so more or less making a day of it.

So there are a lot of photos under the cut of the views from the top, one or two people, the Snaefell Mountain Railway - and a couple of odd notices I came across as we waited to change trams...

Jackie, Dawn and I travelled to Laxey in what we called 'the toast-rack' as children - the open car of an Manx Electric Railway tram. You can tell it was a warm day - Jackie and I have travelled on 'the tram' many times and know how cold it can be in the toast-racks! The MER opened in 1893 (apparently making it the first overhead-wire-powered electric railway in the world - or so Wikipedia says - it must be close to that anyway) - and some of the tram cars are actually that old - the one we travelled on was a little more modern - built about 1910!.

MER tram at Laxey

Taking pictures on the climb from sea-level to 2,036 feet above it is not an easy option as the tram has windows and it shakes and rattles - and anyway, I like to just look sometimes. But this is what the views from the top are like, as you see the whole island spread below you;

snaefell 001

snaefell 006

snaefell 008

snaefell 024

The line you can see on the lower hill-side in that ones is the line we came up.

Here is another picture, showing a tram coming up -

snaefell 017

And here is one of the trams -

snaefell 018

The mountain railway opened in 1895 - the trams are powered by the overhead electric wire, like the MER ones, but are helped to climb up the five mile route from the bottom of the valley by having a 3rd rail to engage an early type of rack and pinion system.

The silver line snaking away in that picture is the mountain road - famously part of the TT course, and one of my favourite bits of road.

I just love these two pictures - some people walked up the mountain rather than taking the tram - including 3 year old Baby B with her dad in the second one - and there is something very Sound of Music about these pictures -

snaefell 028

snaefell 031

And after we all had admired the views and chatted, we had a very satisfying afternoon tea - here is my sister, on the right, with three of our church friends -

snaefell 042

When we got to Laxey we had to wait about 20 minutes for the tram back to Douglas. Dawn and I popped into the small church beside the station; but I didn't take any pictures inside it - actually I was more taken with two notices in the porch -

I like it!

You have to read that first one carefully to see exactly what is going on - and it made me smile particularly as our own organist is on maternity leave - but we never thought of doing this! And the second one just made me smile -


Not a notice you often see in church!

Today was a special service in church, and I have photos, but I'll share them in a day or two.

Oh - and an enormous hurrah! of joy and relief for Andy Murray.
location: On a warm, sunny, small island


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